Wolf Canyon

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Wolf Canyon
Wolf Canyon Logo.jpg
Written by Michael Markus,
Tim Stubinski
Directed by Allan Harmon
Starring Kevin Sorbo
Lorne Cardinal
Nikki Payne
Barbara Tyson
Jessica Harmon
Country of origin Canada
Executive producer(s) Jim Fairhead
Allan Harmon
Cynde Harmon
Debra Scott
Kevin Sorbo
Producer(s) Cynde Harmon
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Really Real Films Inc.
Original release December 24, 2009
External links
Website www.reallyrealfilms.com

Wolf Canyon is a television pilot which was commissioned in 2009 for the Canadian national channel APTN. The pilot was aired several times over the 2009-2010 Holiday season and is titled "Hairy Lawman".

The show is produced by the Vancouver based film company Really Real Films Inc. and is now being distributed by Tricon Films & Television Inc. APTN passed as the sole broadcaster for the series, however another broadcaster is being sought out.[1]


Wolf Canyon entails an eponymous show-within-a-show that is a third-rate syndicated U.S. action-adventure series of the same name. Shot in a remote area of Western Canada on land belonging to the First Nation (Cree) community of Horse Head Lake and therefore isolated from any urban contact and necessities, boredom and madness strike the dysfunctional cast and crew in their makeshift trailer town. The humorous contrast between the urban showbiz folks’ discomfort and travails in the wilderness and the harmonious ease of their First Nation neighbors creates a recipe for hilarity.[2]


  • Rick (Kevin Sorbo) - plays the lead Sheriff Wolf in the show within the show
  • Hoyt (Lorne Cardinal) - plays Rancher Heavyfeather in the show within the show
  • Diane (Nikki Payne) - the producer of Wolf Canyon
  • Carol (Barbara Tyson) - plays Mayor Wyatt in the show within the show
  • Samanatha (Jessica Harmon) - plays Deputy Walkabeckanowski in the show within the show
  • Jan (Ali Liebert) - the assistant director of Wolf Canyon
  • Quincy (Matty Finochio) - the director of Wolf Canyon
  • Joey (Casey Manderson) - plays Deputy Barrett in the show within the show
  • Chief Stan Irish (Evan Adams) - the local Chief
  • Matthew (Brendan Beiser) - the writer of Wolf Canyon
  • D'Arcy (Jesse Wheeler) - the unit manager of Wolf Canyon
  • The Intern (Richard Harmon)
  • The Studio Exec. (Allan Harmon)
  • Jhonny Willkes (Vince Murdocco)

Awards and recognition[edit]

Wolf Canyon was well received by TV Guide soon after its first airdate with TV Guide stating "[Wolf Canyon] pushes the envelope with its bawdy humour, ragey characters and grey moral areas. It's addictive, well-written stuff that leaves you wanting more." [3] Wolf Canyon was also decorated at the 2010 Leo Awards earning more nominations than any other program in its category.[4]

Wins Nominations
Leo Awards:[4]
  • Best Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series
    • 2010– "Hairy Lawman"
  • Best Direction in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series
    • 2010- Allan Harmon
  • Best Performance or Host in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series
  • Best Cinematography in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series
    • 2010- Randal PLatt
  • Best Picture Editing in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Pgoram or Series
    • 2010- Richard Schwadel
Leo Awards:[4]
  • Best Performance or Host in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series


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