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Wolf Hoffmann
Hoffmann in 2014
Hoffmann in 2014
Background information
Born (1959-12-10) 10 December 1959 (age 62)
OriginMainz, West Germany
GenresHeavy metal, speed metal, hard rock

Wolf Hoffmann (born 10 December 1959) is a German musician, primarily known as the guitarist and only remaining original member of German heavy metal band Accept since 1976.[1] In 1997, he released the album Classical with rock versions of classical pieces. He contributed to Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach's solo album Bring 'Em Bach Alive! and to a 2000 Japanese tribute to Randy Rhoads album called Randy Rhoads Tribute with Sebastian Bach on "I Don't Know" and with Joe Lynn Turner on "Diary of a Madman". Hoffmann also contributed to Peace Breaker by Skew Siskin.

Hoffmann has loved photography as a hobby early on, and eventually made it his second career. He took the cover photo for Objection Overruled. During Accept's hiatus from 1997, Hoffmann has worked as a professional photographer (website listed below). He is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, but also maintains a residence in Berlin, Germany.

Accept reformed with Hoffmann on board in 2009. Their comeback album, Blood of the Nations, was released on 20 August 2010 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Four follow-up albums, Stalingrad, Blind Rage, The Rise of Chaos, and Too Mean to Die, were released successively since then.

On 27 November 2015, during an Accept show in London, Hoffmann revealed in an interview with Blackdiamond that he was working on a new solo album, which will probably be another in the neoclassical metal style, as his previous solo album Classical was. He also stated that this album will probably be ready to be released in 2015 but did not mention a certain time. This album turned out to be Headbangers Symphony and released on 1 July 2016.[2]


Hoffmann performing with Accept in 2011

During the National Association of Music Merchants 2013 show, Hoffmann has unveiled a new signature guitar which was manufactured by Framus.[3][4] This guitar is manufactured in two styles, a guitar in white called Flying Fortress and the other one is in chrome and has been made to resemble a World War II bomber which is called Flying Fortress. Hoffmann told Metal Shock Finland's chief editor, Mohsen Fayyazi:

"Growing up in Germany everybody had a Framus guitar at one point or another and I could have never anticipated that one day I would be friends with Hans Peter Wilfer, the man behind the re-birth of his father’s legendary brand. I had no idea what an amazing company they really are until I went to their factory and saw first hand the unbelievable craftsmanship and quality they deliver. I am happy and proud to introduce my first signature guitar, a real Heavy Metal Axe made in Germany!"[5][6][7]

In addition, Hoffman was a heavy user of Gibson Flying V's and Fender Stratocasters during Accept's prime in the 1980s, guitars that he still uses periodically today. Hoffman has also played guitars by various other companies such as Jackson guitars, most notably a custom Jackson King V, a guitar he still uses presently. He has also periodically played Fernandes guitars.

Personal life[edit]

Wolf Hoffmann is married to Gaby Hoffmann (née Hauke), who used to be Accept's manager. She contributed to Accept's songwriting under the pseudonym Deaffy. Ava-Rebekah Rahman, who accompanied the band on the European Orchestra Tour „Symphonic Terror“ in 2019 as a violinist, has stated on Instagram that they are in a relationship since 2021. Hoffmann or the band members have not commented on this.[citation needed]





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