Wolf River (Alberta)

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Wolf River
Country Canada
Province Alberta
Census division No. 12
Municipal districts Bonnyville No. 87, Lac La Biche County
Part of Hudson Bay drainage basin
Source Unnamed swamp
 - location Lac La Biche County
 - elevation 699 m (2,293 ft)
 - coordinates 54°48′05″N 110°33′32″W / 54.80139°N 110.55889°W / 54.80139; -110.55889
Mouth Sand River
 - location Bonnyville No. 87
 - elevation 565 m (1,854 ft)
 - coordinates 54°43′32″N 111°08′10″W / 54.72556°N 111.13611°W / 54.72556; -111.13611Coordinates: 54°43′32″N 111°08′10″W / 54.72556°N 111.13611°W / 54.72556; -111.13611
Wolf River (Alberta) is located in Alberta
Wolf River (Alberta)
Location of the mouth of the Wolf River in Alberta

The Wolf River is a river in the Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 and Lac La Biche County in census division No. 12, Alberta, Canada.[1] It is in the Hudson Bay drainage basin and is a left tributary of the Sand River.


The river begins at an unnamed swamp, flows west to Wolf Lake, and continues west to its mouth at the Sand River. The Sand River empties via the Beaver River and the Churchill River to Hudson Bay.

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