Wolf River (Yukon)

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Wolf River (Ghùch Hîni)
Country Canada
Territory Yukon
Part of Bering Sea drainage basin
Source Wolf Lake
 - elevation 988 m (3,241 ft)
 - coordinates 60°42′37″N 131°44′02″W / 60.71028°N 131.73389°W / 60.71028; -131.73389
Mouth Nisutlin River
 - elevation 695 m (2,280 ft)
 - coordinates 60°16′34″N 132°33′10″W / 60.27611°N 132.55278°W / 60.27611; -132.55278Coordinates: 60°16′34″N 132°33′10″W / 60.27611°N 132.55278°W / 60.27611; -132.55278

The Wolf River (Tlingit: Ghùch Hîni) is a river in Yukon, Canada.[1] It is in the Bering Sea drainage basin and is a left tributary of the Nisutlin River.

The river begins at an Wolf Lake, flows west and takes in its right tributary the Red River, then turns southwest and heads to its mouth at the Nisutlin River. The Nisutlin River empties via Teslin Lake, the Teslin River and the Yukon River to the Bering Sea.


  • Caribou Creek (left)
  • English Creek (left)
  • Red River (right)


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