Wolfpack (Marvel Comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Wolfpack Graphic Novel (1987)
Created by Larry Hama
Ron Wilson
In-story information
Member(s) Malcolm
"Slag" Slagley
Rafael Vega
Samuel "Slippery Sam" Weltschmerz (deceased)
Wheels Wolinski

The Wolfpack are fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Fictional team history[edit]

They are a group of five teenagers that reside in the South Bronx, in New York City. They were originally selected for their extraordinary abilities and aptitude by a retired Naval officer known only as Mr. Mack. He trained each of them separately from adolescence into their teen years in hand-to-hand combat, strategy, stealth, speed, endurance, and raw strength. When they were ready, he introduced them to each other.[volume & issue needed]

According to ancient legend, the Wolfpack has existed for at least two millennia, and serves as a cosmic balance to a group of mortal men completely devoid of compassion, love or charity, known as the Nine. The new Wolfpack soon began battling the forces of the Nine in the Bronx and continue to protect and patrol the Bronx, and battle the forces of The Nine.

Other versions[edit]

The Wolfpack appear in the House of M, as a gang of superpowered teens in the Bronx; in which Luke Cage made a treaty with the group. Members include Robbie Baldwin, Turbo, Darkhawk, Rage, Alex Power with his sister Julie and Raphael Vega, who is their leader.[1] The team were seen later arranging a meeting with one of the Pride's kids; but this turns into a trap by Federal Agent Boom Boom, in which the Wolfpack were easily defeated by her, the Blob and Typhoid Mary.[2] The team is apprehended and Vega surrenders. Vega, alongside Shang-Chi are charged with terrorism.[3] The team were later freed by Luke Cage (along with the Dragons), in which they join in with the Avengers against Thunderbird's Brotherhood.[4]


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