Wollongong Undergraduate Students' Association

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Wusa logo.png
Full name University of Wollongong Undergraduate Students' Association
Founded 1960s
Affiliation None
Office location Northfields Avenue, University of Wollongong
Country Australia Australia
Website www.facebook.com/uowwusa

The University of Wollongong Undergraduate Students' Association (known as WUSA, and its governing body the WUSA Council) is the peak undergraduate student representative organisation at the University of Wollongong, New South Wales.


WUSA is the UOW Student Union and as such works to fight for student interests on campus and in the broader community, keeping both the University administration and Australian governments accountable when it comes to issues affecting students. WUSA also provides advocacy and welfare services for students on campus.[1]

WUSA is a grassroots organisation, made up of a number of issues-based student collectives. These include education, queer rights, women's rights, an anti-racism collective, a student media collective, an education collective (WEC) and the environment collective. As of 2017, the UOW Allsorts Queer Collective is the only collective in existence and they are run independently of WUSA.

WUSA was affiliated to the National Union of Students (Australia) and has participated in national campaigns including the fight against upfront course fees, Voluntary Student Unionism, and the struggle to reinstate free Higher Education in Australia. WUSA has also called upon the national body and other student organisations to support its local causes in the past.

The sister student organisation for WUSA is the Newcastle University Students' Association.

In 2016, WUSA held a referendum to end affiliation with the National Union of Students.[2] The campaign to disaffiliate, led by a group called WEXIT 2016, was successful by an overwhelming margin of 89% in favour.[3]

In 2016, WUSA privatised the UOW student magazine Tertangala by selling it to an independent collective of students.

Presidents (since 2010)[edit]

2010- Chris Monnox

2011- Eloise Young

2012- Peter Hughes

2013- Samantha Dixon

2014- Mitchell Bresser

2015- Peter Munford

2016- Samuel Tedeschi

2017- Jasper Brewer

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