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Wolmer's Trust Schools

National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4

Wolmer's Schools is located in Jamaica
Wolmer's Schools
Coordinates 17°59′10″N 76°47′12″W / 17.9860805°N 76.7865694°W / 17.9860805; -76.7865694Coordinates: 17°59′10″N 76°47′12″W / 17.9860805°N 76.7865694°W / 17.9860805; -76.7865694
School type Secondary school and
Preparatory School
Motto Age Quod Agis
Founded 1729
Founder John Wolmer
Status Open
School code 01042/01043[1]
Principal Dr.Walton Small
(Wolmer's Boys' School)
Mrs Colleen Montague
(Wolmer's Girls' School)
Mrs.Weida Saddler
(Wolmer's Prep School)
Grades Kindergarten to 13
Gender Boys/Girls/Co-ed
Age 3 to 19
Campus type Urban
School colour(s) Maroon and Gold
Nickname 'The Maroons' or 'Maroon-clad Warriors'

Wolmer's Schools, located in Kingston, Jamaica consists of Wolmer's Pre-School, Wolmer's Preparatory School and two high schools: Wolmer's Trust High School For Girls and Wolmer's Trust High School for Boys. While acknowledged as separate institutions, each school carries the same crest and motto, "Age Quod Agis", a Latin phrase which translates to 'whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities'. The school is the oldest high-school in the Caribbean, being established in 1729 by John Wolmer. The Wolmer's Schools are considered among the Caribbean's most prestigious schools, and the most prestigious in Jamaica, with traditional British-style uniform and a strong Christian ethos. The schools more closely resemble British schools of the 1950s than of today, a trend that can be noted of the entire Jamaican schooling system.[2]


At the secondary school level, Wolmer's Schools follows the traditional English grammar school model used throughout the British West Indies, which incorporates the optional year 12 and 13, collectively known as Sixth Form. The first year of secondary school is regarded as first form, or year seven, and the subsequent year groups are numbered in increasing order up to sixth form. The school offers a wide range of CSEC and CAPE subjects done at the fifth and sixth form levels respectively. It has been known for being the only All-boys school in Jamaica to be ranked in the top ten highs schools on the island, the girls' school is also ranked in the top ten high schools on the island. The high schools have been known to perform well in the sciences and in 2015 a student from the boy' school, Andrew James, was the only CAPE candidate to receive the highest possible score a "grade I" in Pure Mathematics in the Caribbean.

School crest[edit]

The Wolmer's Schools Crest is a replica of the original School Seal from the 1700s and represents "The Sun of Learning bursting through the Cloud of Ignorance".There are a lot of high achieving students that attend the Wolmer's Preparatory School and they have achieved because they have followed the meaning of the school's crest.

Rhodes Scholars[edit]

Since 1904, Wolmer's Schools has educated 23 Rhodes Scholars.[3] The most for any individual school in the Caribbean.


Wolmer's Boys School is among the worlds great cricketing schools and has been referred to locally as the "University of Cricket" having the most wins of the Sunlight Cup for Inter Scholastic Under 19 Cricket. Moreover, the school continues to produce cricketers that have represented Jamaica and the West Indies Cricket Team. The School is noted in cricket in the West Indies for having produced six test wicket-keepers. The Daily Telegraph once wrote: "One school: six Test wicket-keepers. There has never been any nurturing like it.".[4]

Notable alumni[edit]

Arts, culture and Entertainment

Business, finance and Politics.



There are seven houses at Wolmer's Boys' School:

  • Ellis Wolfe (Blue)
  • William Crosse (Red)
  • Thomas Harrison (Yellow)
  • William Patterson (Green)
  • Edward Hanna (Purple)
  • Sir Florizel Glasspole (White)
  • Dr. Ludlow Moodie (Orange) -disbanded as of Fall 2015

There are four houses at Wolmer's Preparatory and Pre-School:

  • Skempton (Blue)
  • Alberga (Red)
  • Bloomfield (Green)
  • Moody (Yellow)

There are six houses at Wolmer's Trust High School for Girls

  • Forbes (Yellow)
  • Murray (Purple)
  • Cowper (Green)
  • Barrows (Blue)
  • Howson (Red)
  • Hollar (Orange)


The nickname "the Wolmerians" is based on the school's official colours of Maroon & Gold. The school as also been granted the title of the "Maroon-clad Warriors' in recent times.


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