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Wolseley Road, Point Piper

Wolseley Road is a road in the Sydney suburb of Point Piper. It is one kilometre long. It starts at New South Head Road and curves around the west side of Point Piper, terminating in a deadend above Lady Martins Beach.


Wolseley Road is the most expensive residential road/street in Australia and its status stands as Australia's ultimate address, with 16 of the top 100 most expensive houses in Sydney being located on this road.[1] Property writer Cindy Martin calculated in 2002 that the total value of the properties on the one-kilometre waterfront section of Wolseley Road was worth, in total, A$720 million.[2] More recently, the Andrew Banks property on Wolseley Road was made an offer of $50 million, which was declined.[3]

Craig-y-Mor, a non-waterfront house on Wolseley Road and Australia's most expensive residential property, was sold in 2008 for $32.4 million. It was previously owned by Rene Rivkin who sold it to businessman Ben Tilley in 2004 for $16.15 million. The house has six bedrooms and a nine-car garage.[4]

Many of Sydney's top businessmen, doctors, barristers and judges reside on Wolseley Road.[citation needed]

Housing styles[edit]

Houses in the area are designed according to the limited availability and price of land, as well as the physical nature of the location. There is considerable variety because every house is unique; in contrast to many Sydney suburbs, there has been no mass development with identical houses. The range of styles goes from Federation Arts and Crafts cottages to multi-storey mansions and some towers of home units.

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