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Wolverine and Deadpool #104, published by Panini Comics 2004

Wolverine and Deadpool (written as Wolverine & Deadpool from volume 3 onwards) is part of Marvel UK's 'Collector's Edition' line. It is being published by Panini Comics but reprints Marvel Comics from the United States. This title reprints stories of the characters Wolverine and Deadpool comics.


Publication of Wolverine & Deadpool began in 2004 with issue #104 when Panini retitled it from Wolverine and Gambit. Wolverine headlined the comic with 2x reprints and Deadpool had 1x reprint. During the 1st volume of Wolverine & Deadpool, Panini mainly reprinted Deadpool's 1st ongoing series which included Joe Kelly's and Gail Simone's runs. The Wolverine & Deadpool series was then relaunched (Vol.2) with a new no.1 in June 2010. Volume 2 reprinted 1x Wolverine, 1x Uncanny X-Force (which stars both Wolverine & Deadpool on the same team) and 1x Deadpool issue. This ran for 60 issues, before volume 3 began in July 2014 with a new issue 1, following the conclusion of the Final Execution Uncanny X-Force storyline. Volume 4 began in August 2016, as the title began reprinting the All-New Wolverine series as well as Deadpool's ongoing series


Each issue is printed monthly, and is usually 76 pages with one Wolverine story and two Deadpool stories. In Volumes 1-3 this ratio had been the reverse, however with this changed with in volume 4 with the debut of All-New Wolverine and the rising popularity of Deadpool following the 2016 movie. The cost of the comic was previously retailed at £3.50, although due to the falling value of the pound, the price was increased to £3.99 beginning with volume 4. A cheaper subscription offer is also available. The inside back page is a letters page, where readers can write letters into the comic. The page currently is titled "Mutants and Motormouths".

Printed material[edit]

To date, Wolverine and Deadpool has featured material from the following US Marvel publications:

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