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For the Australian magazine, see Woman (Australian magazine).

Woman (UK magazine) cover.jpg
Recent cover of Woman
Categories mainstream women's weekly magazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 252,239 (ABC Jul - Dec 2013)[1]
Print and digital editions.
Publisher Sue Coffin
First issue 1937
Company IPC Media (Inspire), Time Inc.
Country UK
Language English
Website www.goodtoknow.co.uk/woman

Woman is an English weekly magazine launched in 1937. Its target audience is for 30- and 40-year old women. It encompasses a mix of celebrity gossip and TV news, real-life stories, and fashion and beauty tips. Its lifestyle section offers ideas on homes, interiors and food, product reviews and advice.

During World War II it provided a range of fashion tips to cope with clothes rationing as well as recipes to deal with the shortages and alternatives. For example, in August 1943 the recipes article focused on uses of "Household milk", which was how they referred to powdered milk.

The magazine is published by Time Inc. UK.