Woman of Desire

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Woman of Desire
Woman of desire -- dvd cover.jpg
French DVD cover
Directed by Robert Ginty
Produced by Danny Lerner
Written by Robert Ginty
Anthony Palmer
Starring Bo Derek
Robert Mitchum
Jeff Fahey
Steven Bauer
Music by Rene Veldsman
Cinematography Hanro Möhr
Edited by Christopher Holmes
Distributed by Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment
Release date
  • January 26, 1994 (1994-01-26)
Running time
96 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Woman of Desire is a 1993 film starring Bo Derek and Robert Mitchum, directed by Robert Ginty.


Christina Ford (Bo Derek) a beautiful woman, is unhappily married to the older wealthy Walter J. Hill (Robert Mitchum) who employs Jack Lynch (Jeff Fahey) as his boat pilot. Christina meets a man named Jonathan Ashby (Steven Bauer) and begins having an affair behind her husbands back, however Hill begins to have suspicions and orders her back to his boat. Not content, Christina quickly seduces Jack,recording them as they have intercourse. Not soon after, Hill is murdered, and police suspicions fall on Jack as being the culprit,he denies this, and tells the detectives that Christina was also having an affair with Ashby at the time of her husbands death. Ashby had become enraged when he discovered that Christina was now sleeping with jack, ans she had taunted him about this. Ultimately the police find themselves having to find out if it was Jack, Christina, or Ashby who killed Hill.


  • Bo Derek as Christina Ford
  • Robert Mitchum as Walter J. Hill
  • Jeff Fahey as Jack Lynch
  • Steven Bauer as Jonathan Ashby
  • Thomas Hall as Norman Landis
  • Todd Jensen as Wendell Huston
  • John Matshikiza as Det. Lewis Stone
  • Warrick Grier as Officer Miller
  • Todd Jensen as Wendell Huston
  • Michael McCabe as Dr. Richard Brooks
  • John Carson as Judge Parker
  • Peter Holden as Michael Altman
  • Ellia Thompson as Elizabeth Hill
  • James Whyle as 1st Officer
  • David S. Lee as 3rd Officer (as David Lee)
  • Craig Urbani as Arnold Wells
  • Mary A. Byron as cast/journalist


  • Entertainment Celebrities by Norbert B. Laufenberg

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