Woman on the Beach

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Woman on the Beach
Woman on the Beach film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Hanja 女人
Revised Romanization Haebyeoneui Yeoin
McCune–Reischauer Haebyŏn'ŭi Yŏin
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Produced by Oh Jung-wan
Written by Hong Sang-soo
Starring Kim Seung-woo
Go Hyun-jung
Song Seon-mi
Kim Tae-woo
Music by Jeong Yong-jin
Cinematography Kim Hyung-koo
Edited by Hahm Sung-won
BOM Film Productions
Distributed by Mirovision
Release date
  • 31 August 2006 (2006-08-31)
Running time
127 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office $749,147[1]

Woman on the Beach is the seventh feature film by South Korean director Hong Sang-soo, and was released in 2006.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


Film director and screenwriter Kim Jung-rae asks his friend Won Chang-wook to drive with him from their homes in Seoul to the resort town of Shinduri, on the western coast of South Korea. Chang-wook initially resists, but accepts the request on the condition that he can bring Kim Mun-suk, a composer and aspiring singer whom he describes as being his girlfriend. Jung-rae is writing a treatment for a film titled "About Miracles," concerning the mysterious connections that secure everyday life—themes that play a major role in the work of Hong Sang-Soo. Mun-suk quickly makes clear that she does not consider herself Chang-wook's girlfriend, and she finds herself and Jung-rae increasing drawn together. As the three drive on, Mun-suk discusses her years living abroad in Germany and reveals that she has had a number of relationships with Europeans, a fact that greatly disturbs both Chang-wook and Jung-rae. Mun-suk is particularly disappointed in Jung-rae's reaction, claiming, "You're not like your films." Nevertheless, Mun-suk and Jung-rae later kiss on the beach and then sleep together in a low-rent hotel room.

The next day as the three drive back to Seoul, Jung-rae pulls back from his intimacy with Mun-suk and returns to the beach alone two days later. Missing Mun-suk despite his actions, Jung-rae hits on two women, one of whom vaguely resembles Mun-suk, by introducing himself as a film director and asking to interview them for his screenplay. Jung-rae proceeds to seduce Choi Sun-hee in much the same fashion as he had Mun-suk just a few days prior. While sleeping with Sun-hee in the same beachside motel where he'd been with Mun-suk, Jung-rae is surprised to find that Mun-suk has returned to Shinduri, found his room, and started banging on the door loudly and very late at night. Jung-rae sneaks Sun-hee out of his room through a separate exit the next morning as Mun-suk sleeps at the foot of his door with a terrible hangover. Jung-rae attempts to reconcile with Mun-suk and lies about his night with Sun-hee, although his lie is increasingly transparent to all concerned. Having alienated Mun-suk and left Sun-hee without a goodbye, Jung-rae returns to Seoul with a creative breakthrough on his screenplay.



Woman on the Beach was released in South Korea on August 31, 2006, and received a total of 225,388 admissions nationwide.[10][11]


Woman on the Beach has an 87% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes,[12] and a 72/100 average on Metacritic.[13]

Awards and nominations[edit]

2006 Busan Film Critics Awards[14]

2006 Korean Film Awards

2006 Director's Cut Awards

2007 Asian Film Awards

2007 Baeksang Arts Awards

2007 Grand Bell Awards


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