Women's Chinese Basketball Association

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Women's Chinese Basketball Association
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2014–15 WCBA season
Sport Basketball
Founded 2002
Owner(s) Chinese Basketball Association
No. of teams 12
Country China China
Most recent
Beijing Great Wall
(2nd title)
Most titles Bayi Kylins (5 titles)
Level on pyramid 1st Tier

The Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) is the professional women's basketball league in China. It was established in 2002 as the women's counterpart to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

Shanxi Flame's Maya Moore defending an inbound pass from Shanghai Octopus's Huang Jing during a January 2014 WCBA game in Shanghai. Moore is generally considered the greatest player to play in the WCBA.


Team names often incorporate the name of a corporate sponsor.[1][2]

Team Home City
Bayi Kylins Ningbo
Beijing Great Wall Beijing
Jiangsu Phoenix Jiangsu
Guangdong Dolphins Tangxia
Heilongjiang Shenda Harbin
Liaoning Hengye (辽宁衡业) Liaoning
Henan Yichuan Jiyuan
Shenyang Golden Lions (沈部万成) Tieling
Shandong Sports Lottery(山东众鑫电子) Gaomi
Shanxi Xing Rui Flame (山西兴瑞烈焰) Taiyuan
Shanghai Baoshan Dahua Shanghai
Xinjiang Tianshan Deers (浙江稠州银行) Urumqi


Foreign players in league history[edit]

Italic players still play in the league (2015).

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