Women's Cricket World Cup Qualifier

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Women's Cricket World Cup Qualifier
Administrator International Cricket Council
Format Limited-overs (50 overs)
First tournament 2003
Number of teams 15 (total)
10 (most recent)
Current champion  India (2017)
Most successful  India
 West Indies (1 each)
2017 Women's Cricket World Cup Qualifier

The ICC Women's Cricket World Cup Qualifier is an international cricket tournament that serves as the final step of the qualification process for the Women's Cricket World Cup.

The Women's World Cup was first held in 1973, and for the first seven editions participation was determined solely by invitation, issued at the discretion of the International Women's Cricket Council (IWCC).[1] A qualification tournament was first held in 2003 (for the 2005 World Cup), which was hosted by the Netherlands and won by Ireland.[2] Three subsequent tournaments have been held – in 2008, hosted by South Africa and won by Pakistan; in 2011, hosted by Bangladesh and won by the West Indies; and in 2017, hosted by Sri Lanka and won by India.[3][4]

The inaugural event in 2003 was organised by the IWCC and branded as the IWCC Trophy. The IWCC was subsumed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2005, and all other editions have been known simply as the World Cup Qualifier. The number of teams and qualifying places has varied at each tournament – in 2003, six teams competed for two qualifying spots, while at the next edition (in 2008) eight teams contested two qualifying spots. The 2011 event saw ten teams compete for three qualifying places, and the 2017 tournament featured ten teams and four qualifying places.[5]


Year Host(s) Final venue Final
Winner Result Runner-up
2003  Netherlands no final  Ireland
10 points
Ireland won on points
 West Indies
8 points
2008  South Africa Stellenbosch  Pakistan
62/2 (13.4 overs)
Pakistan won by 8 wickets
 South Africa
61 (24.3 overs)
2011  Bangladesh Dhaka  West Indies
250/5 (50 overs)
West Indies won by 130 runs
120 (37.3 overs)
2017  Sri Lanka Colombo  India
245/9 (50 overs)
India won by 1 wicket
 South Africa
244 (49.4 overs)

Performance by team[edit]

  • 1st – Champions
  • 2nd – Runners-up
  • 3rd – Third place
  • Q – Qualified
  • × – Did not participate, already qualified for World Cup
  •     — Hosts
  • Teams that qualified for the World Cup in a particular year are underlined
Team Netherlands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
 Bangladesh 5th 5th 2
 Bermuda 8th 1
 India × × × 1st 1
 Ireland 1st 3rd 6th 6th 4
 Japan 6th 9th 2
 Netherlands 3rd 4th 7th 3
 Pakistan 4th 2nd 2nd 4th 4
 Papua New Guinea 7th 10th 2
 Scotland 5th 6th 7th 3
 South Africa × 1st 4th 2nd 3
 Sri Lanka × × 3rd 3rd 2
 Thailand 9th 1
 United States 8th 1
 West Indies 2nd × 1st × 2
 Zimbabwe 5th 10th 8th 3

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