Women's International Squash Players Association

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Women's International Squash Players Association
SportWomen's Professional Squash
LocationLondon, United Kingdom
ChairmanSweden Ingrid Löfdahl-Bentzer
ReplacedWomen's Squash Association (WSA)
Closure date2011

The Women's International Squash Players Association (WISPA) was the governing body for the women's professional squash circuit between 1983 and 2011.[1] The WISPA World Tour involved over 80 tournaments annually worldwide. Over 200 players were registered with the WISPA.

The goals of the association were to:

  • Enable more players to consider a career in professional squash economically viable through the development of a world tour;
  • Produce and publish world rankings;
  • Increase exposure for the sport and its players;
  • Encourage professionalism among its members;
  • Raise the administrative standards at events;
  • Increase the level of support and advice offered to promoters; and
  • Improve communication and relationships with other squash organizations and the press.

The new women's squash game is governed now by the Women's Squash Association (WSA).

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