Women's Murder Club (novel series)

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Women's Murder Club
Womens Murder Club Book 1-12.png
Women's Murder Club Book 1-12

1st to Die
2nd Chance
3rd Degree
4th of July
The 5th Horseman
The 6th Target
7th Heaven
The 8th Confession
The 9th Judgment
10th Anniversary
11th Hour
12th of Never
Unlucky 13
14th Deadly Sin
15th Affair
16th Seduction
17th Suspect
18th Abduction
19th Christmas
20th Victim
The Trial (shots, short story)
The Medical Examiner (shots, short story)
AuthorJames Patterson
CountryUnited States
PublisherLittle, Brown
PublishedMarch 5, 2001[1] - present
Media typePrint (hardcover, paperback)
No. of books22

Women's Murder Club is a series of mystery novels by bestselling author James Patterson. A television series is also based on the book series.

The books are set in San Francisco and feature an ensemble of lead characters.


Set in San Francisco, the novels follow a group of women from different professions relating to investigating crime as they work together to solve murders. The series follows the women through their personal issues, including Lindsay Boxer's medical issues, marriage, and pregnancy. The main characters were originally Lindsay Boxer (police officer), Cindy Thomas (reporter), Claire Washburn (medical examiner), and Jill Bernhardt, but later in the series, defense attorney, Yuki Castellano, is introduced.[2]

Every book except 7th Heaven and 10th Anniversary were #1 New York Times Best Sellers.[3]

A New York Times article states that Patterson set The Women's Murder Club in San Francisco to gain more fans on the West Coast, where competitor John Grisham had been leading in book sales.[4]


Patterson wrote the first novel, 1st to Die. Subsequent novels have been cowritten with Andrew Gross (2-3) and Maxine Paetro (4-19). Patterson has also written other books with both of these authors.



In 2007, the books were adapted to a television police procedural drama by the same name,[5] which ran from October 12, 2007 through May 13, 2008 and starred Angie Harmon. The first book in the series, 1st to Die, had previously been a TV movie starring Tracy Pollan.[6]


Four games based on the books have been released for the PC - #1: Death in Scarlet,[7] #2: A Darker Shade of Grey,[8] #3: Twice in a Blue Moon,[9] and #4: Little Black Lies.[10] In addition, a video game called Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion has been released for the Nintendo DS.[11]


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