Women's football in Scotland

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For more in depth, albeit general information see Football in Scotland.

Women's football in Scotland is largely seen as an amateur game, given the emphasis on the male competitions.[1][2][3][4] As in the men's game, the women's league structure consists of a Premier League and a Football League with Divisions One and Two, but the second division is split into North, West, East, and South East regions. In the women's SFL, reserve and youth squads may compete as long as they do not compete in the same division as the titular club. The team that wins the Premier League title qualifies for the following season's UEFA Champions League. There are also four cup competitions, the Scottish Cup, Scottish Premier League Cup, Scottish First Division Cup and the Scottish Second Division Cup.

Scottish Women's Football Association are in sole charge of women's football in Scotland.[5]

Senior team[edit]

The Scottish government in 2013 promised to increase funding for the Women's national team.[6]

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