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The Women's Australian Football League is a Women's Australian rules football competition in the United States of America. The league is the governs women's Aussie Rules in the USA, however, the USAFL governs the sport overall in the country.


Leigh Swansborough of California began the Women's Australian Football League, organising teams to play in the inaugural women’s match in the US. The Orange County Bombshells and an all comers team played in Kansas City in October 2003. The Bombshells ran out winners by 44 points.

US Nationals[edit]

The USAFL National Championships incorporated a Women's Division for the first time in 2005. The Atlanta Lady Kookaburras won the championship in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The Canada-based Calgary Kookaburras won the 2008 championship.

National team[edit]

The national team, formed to compete against Canada, is known as the USA Freedom.


Current women's teams are:

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