Feminist Initiative (Poland)

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Feminist Initiative
Inicjatywa Feministyczna
Leader Iwona Piątek
Founded 11 January 2007
Headquarters Kanonia 24/26
lok. 2, 00-278 Warsaw
Ideology Feminism
Political position Centre-left
Colours Blue
0 / 460
0 / 100
European Parliament
0 / 51

The Feminist Initiative (Polish: Inicjatywa Feministyczna, IF) is a Polish political party which claims to represent the interests and concerns of women. It was registered on 11 January 2007 as "Women's Party" (Partia Kobiet) and is led by Iwona Piątek. In the 21 October 2007 National Assembly election, the party won 0.28% of the popular vote and no seats in the Sejm or the Senate of Poland. In 2016 Women's Party was renamed "Feminist Initiative".[1]

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