Women (1985 film)

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Film poster
Traditional 女人心
Simplified 女人心
Mandarin Nǚ Rén Xīn
Cantonese Neoi2 Jan2 Sam1
Directed by Stanley Kwan
Produced by Vicky Leung Lee
Written by Yau-tai On-ping
Kit Lai
Starring Cora Miao
Chow Yun-fat
Cherie Chung
Elaine Jin
Music by Law Wing-fai
Cinematography Bill Wong
Edited by Chow Siu-lam
Fong Bo-wa
Pearl City Films
Shaw Brothers Studio
Distributed by Shaw Brothers Studio
Release date
12 June 1985 (1985-06-12)
Running time
91 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$9,487,785 [1]

Women is a 1985 Hong Kong drama film directed by Stanley Kwan in his directorial debut. Like Kwan's following films, Women focuses on female characters and their efforts to overcome cultural restrictions.[2] The cast includes Cora Miao, Chow Yun-fat, Cherie Chung and Elaine Jin. It was nominated for nine Hong Kong Film Awards including Best Picture.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The film follows Po-yee (Cora Miao) as she starts her new life as a single mother after divorcing her husband, Derek (Chow Yun-fat), having found out he was having an affair with another woman, Sha-nau (Cherie Chung).

Awards and nominations[edit]

The film was nominated for nine Hong Kong Film Awards but failed to win any. In addition Cora Miao received a Best Actress nomination at the Golden Horse Film Festival.

5th Hong Kong Film Awards:

  • Nominations:
    • Best Picture
    • Best Director (Stanley Kwan)
    • Best Actor (Chow Yun-fat)
    • Best Actress (Cora Miao)
    • Best Supporting Actress (Elaine Jin)
    • Best Screenplay (Tai An-Ping Chiu, Kit Lai)
    • Best Cinematography (Bill Wong)
    • Best Original Film Score (Wing-fai Law)
    • Best Art Direction (Tony Au)

Golden Horse Film Festival:


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