Women in Revolt

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Women in Revolt
Promotional film poster
Directed byPaul Morrissey
Produced byAndy Warhol
Written byPaul Morrissey
StarringCandy Darling
Jackie Curtis
Holly Woodlawn
Music byJohn Cale
CinematographyPaul Morrissey
Edited byPaul Morrissey
Release date
  • December 1971 (1971-12)
Running time
97 minutes
CountryUnited States

Women In Revolt, also known as Andy Warhol's Women in Revolt, is a 1971 satire film produced by Andy Warhol and directed by American filmmaker Paul Morrissey.[1]

The stars of the film are Jackie Curtis, Candy Darling and Holly Woodlawn, three trans women, superstars of Andy Warhol's Factory scene. Jackie and Candy had previously appeared in Flesh and Holly had starred in Trash.[2] Also appearing in the film are Jane Forth and Penny Arcade. The soundtrack music is by John Cale.[3]

This film is noteworthy since it was the last movie Warhol himself filmed scenes for. During the filming, from 1970 to 1971, Jackie Curtis insisted that Warhol be behind the camera, otherwise she would not complete the film.

The film satirizes the Women's Liberation Movement, and alludes to Valerie Solanas and the SCUM Manifesto.[1]


Holly and Jackie form a small group of "women's libbers". They convince Candy, a wealthy socialite who has an incestous relationship with her brother, to join them at their meetings. The group needs Candy's membership to bring money and "glamour" to their cause.


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