Women for Independence

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Women for Independence
Formation 2012
Focus Scottish independence referendum, 2014
Key people
Jeane Freeman
Natalie McGarry
Carolyn Leckie
Rosie Kane
Mission To ensure women's voices and interests are given fair consideration leading up to the Scottish independence referendum
Website womenforindependence.org

Women for Independence is a political organisation which seeks to ensure the existence of "a space for women's voices and interests" in the campaign for Scottish independence.[1] The group was established in September 2012 with the support of Jeane Freeman, who was a key member of the team of former First Minister, Jack McConnell, while he was leading the Scottish Parliament on behalf of the Scottish Labour Party. The group's creation was welcomed by Yes Scotland and by the Scottish Government's Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.[2][3]

Women were a particularly important demographic in the referendum due to an increasingly large gender gap in opinion polling. In March 2013, a poll showed that despite 47% of men supported independence, only 25% of women did; this gap had grown by seven points on the January beforehand. Ivor Knox, the director of Panelbase, said at the time that the poll showed a gender gap that "appears to be greater than ever, particularly among younger voters".[4]


Women for Independence have continued campaigning since the referendum, hosting a conference in Perth on October 4th to discuss the future of the organisation.[5] The conference venue had to be changed several times to accommodate a larger crowd, and was eventually attended by 1,000 delegates.[6]

The group's first formal AGM took place in Perth on 14 March 2015 to ratify the new constitution and elect a National Committee.[7] The AGM also voted to consider the creation of a Women’s Party if existing parties don't "act on gender equality".[8]

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