Women in Christmas Island

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This article is about the women living in the Australian Territory of Christmas Island. Not to be confused with women living in Christmas Island, Nova Scotia, Christmas Island (Tasmania), Kiritimati of Kiribati (Pacific Ocean) which is also called "Christmas Island", and Little Christmas Island (Schouten Island Group).

The Women in Christmas Island or Christmas Island Women are the women living in Australia's external territory of Christmas Island. They are of Malay, Chinese, and Anglo ancestry. In March 2011, International Women's Day was celebrated on Christmas Island for the honor of its female residents. The event was held to convey the theme of "what it means to be a woman living on Christmas Island".[1]

The main local organization that promotes and supports the "status and interests" of Australia's female Christmas Islanders is the Christmas Island Women's Association, a group that was established in 1989.[2]


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