Women in Poland

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Women in Poland
Blonde girl from Poland.jpg
Portrait of a young woman from Poland.
Gender Inequality Index[2]
Value 0.139 (2013)
Rank 26th out of 152
Maternal mortality (per 100,000) 5 (2010)
Women in parliament 21.8% (2013)
Females over 25 with secondary education 79.4% (2012)
Women in labour force 55.2% (employment rate Eurostat definition, 2014)[1]
Global Gender Gap Index[3]
Value 0.7031 (2013)
Rank 54th out of 136

The character of women in Poland have been shaped by the history of Poland, the culture of Poland, and the politics of Poland.[4] They belong to the group categorized as women in Europe.

Notable women in Polish history[edit]

The important women in Poland's early history include Swietoslava (sometimes confused as being Sigrid the Haughty or Gunhilda; also known as Storrada), the daughter of Mieszko the First and Dobrawa of Bohemia; Katarzyna Jagiellonka (also known as Catherine Jagiello or Katarrina Jegellonica); Dobrawa herself (wife of Mieszko the First), the daughter of the Duke of Bohemia; Jadwiga (Hedwig), the daughter of a Hungarian king.[5]



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