Women in the 24th Canadian Parliament

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The number of women sitting in the House of Commons increased to five during the 24th Canadian Parliament; the number of women senators increased to seven. 21 women ran for seats in the Canadian House of Commons in the 1958 federal election; the two women incumbents were reelected. Three more women were elected in by-elections held following the general election: Jean Casselman Wadds in September 1958,[1] Judy LaMarsh in October 1960,[2] and Margaret Mary Macdonald in May 1961.[3]

Two additional women: Olive Lillian Irvine[4] and Josie Alice Quart[5] were named to the Canadian senate in January 1960. Cairine Wilson died in March 1962, which brought the number of women senators to six.

Party Standings[edit]

Party Total women candidates % women candidates of total candidates Total women elected % women elected of total women candidates % women elected of total elected
Liberal 8 (of 264) 3.0% 0 (of 48) 0% 0%
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 8 (of 169) 4.7% 0 (of 8) 0% 0%
Progressive Conservative 3 (of 265) 1.1% 2 (of 208) 66.7% 1.8%
Social Credit 2 (of 82) 2.4% 0 (of 0) 0% -
Table source:[6]

Members of the House of Commons[edit]

Name Party Electoral district Notes
  Margaret Aitken Progressive Conservative York—Humber
  Ellen Fairclough Progressive Conservative Hamilton West cabinet member
  Judy LaMarsh Liberal Niagara Falls by-election
  Margaret Mary Macdonald Progressive Conservative King's by-election, first woman MP from PEI
  Jean Casselman Wadds Progressive Conservative Grenville—Dundas by-election


Senator Appointed on the advice of Term from Party
  Cairine Wilson King 1930.02.15 - 1962.03.03 Ontario Liberal
  Muriel McQueen Fergusson St. Laurent 1953.05.19 - 1975.05.23 New Brunswick Liberal
  Marianna Beauchamp Jodoin St. Laurent 1953.05.19 - 1966.06.01 Quebec Liberal
  Nancy Hodges St. Laurent 1953.11.05 - 1965.06.12 British Columbia Liberal
  Florence Elsie Inman St. Laurent 1955.07.28 - 1986.05.31 Prince Edward Island Liberal
  Olive Lillian Irvine Diefenbaker 1960.01.14 - 1969.11.01 Manitoba Progressive Conservative
  Josie Alice Quart Diefenbaker 1960.01.14 - 1969.11.01 Quebec Progressive Conservative


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