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Womyn-born womyn

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Womyn-born womyn (WBW) is a term that describes women who were assigned female at birth and raised as females. Events and organizations that have womyn-born-womyn only policies bar access to any persons who were assigned male at birth, including trans women and the young male children of women attendees. According to Michigan Womyn's Music Festival co-founder Lisa Vogel during a Bitch magazine roundup, "What womyn-born womyn means to us is women who were born as women, who have lived their entire experience as women, and who identify as women."[1][2]


The term was developed during second-wave feminism to designate spaces for, by, and about women who were identified as female at birth, then raised as girls, and then who chose to live as women.[citation needed] Though transgender and intersex people have been present in women's only spaces for decades (often in the closet), the term garnered wider attention in response to the exclusion of trans women from the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.[3] The festival has publicly declared that it is intended for womyn-born womyn.[4]

The controversy has sparked scholarly discussion.[5]


There have been several instances where transgender women have been denied access to or even been evicted from women's spaces.

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