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Collection size Interactive science exhibits
Website www.wonderworksonline.com
WonderWorks in Orlando.

WonderWorks is an entertainment center focused on science exhibits with five locations in the United States. The company's slogan is "Let Your Imagination Run Wild".


Each WonderWorks location contains interactive, entertainment exhibits on the themes of space, physics, and math. Some locations also offer a dinner magic show. The exhibits are housed in a themed building designed by architect Michael Ussery to look as it were picked up by severe weather and dropped upside down on an existing building.[1][2] All locations offer laser tag and a multi-story ropes course. The Myrtle Beach location has an outdoor ropes course and zip-line.[3][4]

The company has locations in Orlando, Florida (March 1998),[2] Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Panama City Beach, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Syracuse, New York (2012).[2] The Palisades Climb Adventure[clarification needed] opened in 2012 at Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, New York. [1]


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