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The Wonder Ball is a brand of chocolate manufactured in the United States by Nestlé and later by the Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company. The spherical candy, which weighed 3 grams, had an outer shell that was pure milk chocolate and a hollow inside. Inside these balls of chocolate, were candies and prizes. The wonder ball was wrapped in foil, placed in a small box, and packaged with a collectible sticker.


The Wonder Ball was first introduced in the early 1990s. The product's slogan was "What's In the Wonder Ball?" Originally called Nestlé Magic Ball, the product formerly contained small figurines of Disney and Pokémon characters, similar to the Kinder Surprise which retails in Europe and Canada.


The Wonder Ball franchise had several commercials and jingles before it's discontinuation. When it was still named the Nestle Magic Ball and before it was removed in 1997, commercials lyrics had contain information about the Disney toy prizes that were found inside:

"What's inside Nestle Magic Ball? What'is inside the sparkling foil? What's inside the sparkling foil? What'is inside the chocolate ball? What's inside the Nestle Chocolate? What's inside the ball and pop? What's inside the ball and pop lid? Wow it's Hercules! Wow it's Simba! Dalmatians, or Aladdin. All from Disney. They're hidden inside! A surprise in a ball, in chocolate, in foil in a box! What's inside? What's inside? What will you find in yours?"

After Frankford renamed the product to The Wonder Ball, they created a new jingle:

"Oh I wonder, wonder whats in a Wonder Ball. Who knows what surprises a Wonder Ball may hide. Yummy Nestle Chocolate with candy shapes inside. Oh I wonder, wonder what's in a Wonder Ball!"[1]

Nutritional Facts[edit]

The Wonder Ball had 80 calories per ball, of which 54 came from fat. "There were 6 grams of fat per serving . Added to this was 18 grams of sugar."[2]


There were numerous complaints filed against the company. The product was withdrawn in 1997 after competitors and consumer groups campaigned that the toy posed a choking hazard.[3] In April 2000, the Wonder Ball was re-released with candy in place of the toys.[4] In 2004, the brand was sold to Frankford, which later discontinued the Wonder Ball.[5] Contrary to urban legend, it was not discontinued because a child choked and died. When Frankford bought the Nestle brand, the new ownership decided to stop selling the product. This had nothing to do with choking allegations.[6]

In a YouTube video, a lover of the product named Grace sent a letter to Frankford about its discontinuation. Scott Grijalva returned with a call. They replied it might return in the seasonal line, but it has not been confirmed.[7]


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