Wonder Eggs

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Wonder Eggs
Photo of Namco's "Wonder Eggs" theme park, Feb 1992.jpg
LocationNiko Tamagawa Park, Japan
OpenedFebruary 29, 1992 (February 29, 1992)
ClosedDecember 31, 2000 (December 31, 2000)

Wonder Eggs (ワンダーエッグス, Wandā Eggusu) was a theme park located in the Niko Tamagawa Park in Tokyo, Japan. The park was constructed by Namco on February 29, 1992, and featured rides based on various Namco game properties.[1] The park was renovated in 1996 as Wonder Eggs 2 and later in 1999 as Wonder Eggs 3.[2] The park was closed permanently on December 31, 2000 and was demolished shortly after,[3] with redevelopment on the site beginning in 2007 and concluding in 2011. The park featured a large carousal, several dark rides and game centers with a comical theme, and is notable for featuring a special version of Galaxian 3 that seated 28 players.