Wonder en is gheen Wonder

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Wonder en is gheen Wonder
Wonder en is gheen Wonder.png
Editor-in-chief Bart Coenen
Categories Scientific skepticism
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher SKEPP
First issue 2000
Country Belgium (Flanders)
Language Dutch
Website skepp.be/nl/tijdschrift
ISSN 1377-5359

Wonder en is gheen Wonder (Mystery is no Mystery) is a popular science magazine of the Flemish skeptical association SKEPP. The paper was founded in 2000 by Tom Schoepen, who also served as its editor for its first ten years.[1] The magazine is published four times a year and addresses pseudoscientific as well as science philosophical topics. The title is a reference to the 16th century Flemish mathematician and engineer Simon Stevin's commentary to his famous thought experiment: even if something looks strange, it can still have a naturalistic explanation.[2] The subtitle Tijdschrift voor wetenschap en rede ("Magazine for science and reason") was taken from Skeptical Inquirer, the most world-renowned skeptical magazine that is published by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

As of 2016, the editorial staff is composed as follows:[3]

Core staff
Editorial committee
  • Wim Betz
  • Stefaan Blancke
  • Luc Bonneux
  • Maarten Boudry
  • Maxime Darge
  • Geerdt Magiels
  • Ronny Martens
  • Marc Meuleman
  • Pieter Peyskens
  • Griet Vandermassen
  • Frank Verhoft

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