Wonder of Women

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Wonder of Women
Directed by Clarence Brown
Written by Marian Ainslee (titles)
Bess Meredyth (Writer)
Hermann Sudermann (Novel)
Starring Lewis Stone
Leila Hyams
Peggy Wood
Cinematography Merritt B. Gerstad
Edited by William LeVanway
Distributed by MGM
Release dates
July 13, 1929
Running time
95 Minutes
Country English
Language United States

Wonder of Women is a 1929 American drama that was also nominated for Best Writing at the 2nd Academy Awards.[1][2] Based on the German novel by Hermann Sudermann named Die Frau des Steffen Tromholt It is about a German pianist who is going to break up with his unfaithful wife. Then he finds out his favorite stepchild has died. This film was long thought to be lost, but was later rediscovered.


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