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TypeOnline content
United States
FoundedDecember 2012
SloganLike You.
HeadquartersCulver City, California
Key people
Steve Raymond (CEO), Sarah Penna (Head of Talent)
Official website

Wonderly is a Multi Channel Network (MCN) that focuses on female content creators.[1] Wonderly is one of four vertical brands that are part of Big Frame company. Wonderly is partnered with popular YouTube channels like Meghan Tonjes, Kristina Horner and Overly Attached Girlfriend.[2] Wonderly also hosts scripted shows Squaresville, The Wonderly Way and Edge of Normal and content from over forty female creators, known as Wonderlings.


In June 2012, Big Frame began investigating the demographics of channels that are now part of Wonderly in an attempt to bring together creators and community. In an interview, Big Frame talent manager and Wonderly head Rachel Skidmore[3] said: "... We saw, for example Squaresville and Life According to Jimmy—we saw that their audiences were kind of similar and it was this really amazing group of teen to early twenties girls that were rabid fans. We realized that it wasn’t necessarily the content that was bringing them together but their obsession, in the coolest way. These were girls that, even though they were subscribed to both channels, were also posting about books on Tumblr or they had their own channels; they were just super fans. So we thought “How do we have a place where these creators can come together and sort of geek out together?” We started digging in and after many brainstorming sessions and hours of work and lots of pizza, Wonderly came to be."[4]

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