Wondrous Strange

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Wondrous Strange
Wondrous Strange (book cover).jpg
Author Lesley Livingston
Country Canada
Language English
Publisher Harper Collins Canada
Publication date
Media type Book
OCLC 276814495
Followed by Darklight

Wondrous Strange a teen fantasy novel and the first book by author Lesley Livingston. It was published in trade paperback on January 13, 2009 by HarperCollins Canada, Ltd.


Kelley Winslow is a teenage actress who lives in New York. When the lead actress in their production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream gets injured, Kelley goes from understudy to star in an instant. In her first rehearsal, she forgets a few lines, ending in her going to Central Park to practice. Meanwhile, Sonny Flannery, a Janus guard protecting the mortal realm, is hunting the Fae that passed through The Gate, the only way through the Otherworld and ours. He sees her as a Firework and is merely curious in what she really is. He starts to follow her and in the end she becomes furious that he won't stop bugging her and she yells at him. During her ranting, however, Sonny is hurtled across the rad by her fist and sees her with light encircling her. He notices it is great power. When she is done she walks off, and another of the Janus guard appears. Sonny asks him if her saw the bright light and he replies uncomfortably "Might have...". Just when she thinks things couldn't get any worse, they do. Having lived all her life hidden in the mortal realm, she is unaware of being a Faerie princess, stolen from the Faerie realm as an infant. When Sonny discovers her true identity, an interlinking chain of events threaten to destroy both the realms, mortal as well as Faerie.[1]


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