Wong Shek Pier

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Wong Shek Pier after redevelopment
View down Long Harbour from the Wong Shek Pier
Wong Shek Pier Bus Terminus

Wong Shek Pier (Chinese: 黃石碼頭) is a public pier on the shore of Long Harbour (赤徑海) in the north-east of Hong Kong's New Territories. It is situated in the Wong Shek (黃石) area of the Sai Kung Peninsula, and is in Tai Po District.

The pier serves kai-to ferry routes to remote settlements on the peninsular and its outlying islands, such as Tap Mun (塔門), Wan Tsai (灣仔) and Chek Keng (赤徑), and provides their principal connection to the rest of Hong Kong. It was reconstructed in 2006.[1]


Kowloon Motor Bus[edit]



Coordinates: 22°26′08″N 114°20′14″E / 22.435590°N 114.337319°E / 22.435590; 114.337319