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The following is a list of characters from the manhua series Fung Wan by Hong Kong artist Ma Wing-shing. The names listed here are all in Cantonese romanisation.

Nip family[edit]

  • Nip Fung (聂风; 聶風; Niè Fēng; Nip6 Fung1) or Wind is one of the two protagonists. He was born in the Nip Family Village (聶家村) in Jiuquan. He specialises in kick styles of martial arts and wields the 'Ice-Drinking Saber' (雪飲刀), which he inherited from his ancestors. His formidable prowess in qinggong earns him the nickname "God in the Winds" (風中之神). The "Berserk Blood" (瘋血), which runs in him and his family, will increase his powers drastically when he is angered, but the side effect is that he will enter a state of uncontrollable rage and become a monstrous beast in human form. In contrast with Cloud, Wind is more friendly and empathetic towards others. He appears attractive to women and has many admirers, due to his gentlemanly behaviour, kindness and good looks.
  • Nip Yan-wong (聂人王; 聶人王; Niè Rénwáng; Nip6 Jan4-wong4), nicknamed "Wild Saber of the North" (北飲狂刀), is Wind's father. He is a famous fighter in the jianghu and shares equal fame as Duen Sui. After marrying Ngan Ying, he retired from the jianghu, had a son with her, and became a farmer. When his wife abandoned him, he was affected emotionally and unconsciously triggered the "Berserk Blood" syndrome in him. He duelled with Duen Sui outside Lingyun Cave but their fight was interrupted by the appearance of the Fire Qilin. They were dragged into the cave by the monster and presumed dead. In fact, they survived and chanced upon the Dragon Pulse – the spiritual foundation of the Chinese empire – and decided to dedicate their lives to defending the relic. They remained in the cave until Tin-wong and his men intruded to steal the Dragon Pulse, after which they reappeared in the jianghu to defend the relic. Wind trusted Duen Long wrongly and asked him to help him take care of his parents, but Duen Long murdered them.
  • Ngan Ying (颜盈; 顏盈; Yán Yíng; Ngaan4 Jing4) is Nip Yan-wong's wife and Wind's mother. She was seduced by Po-kwan and decided to leave her family to join her new lover. Po-kwan presented her to Lord Godless later in exchange for learning a powerful skill from Godless. She willingly becomes Godless's concubine and bore him a son, Juet-tin. After Juet-tin is killed by Wind, she regrets her decision to abandon her family. Wind trusted Duen Long wrongly and asked him to help him take care of his parents, but Duen Long murdered them.
  • Nip Ying (聂英; 聶英; Niè Yīng; Nip6 Jing1) was the ancestor of the Nip family. At a young age, Nip Ying was already very famous in the jianghu for his prowess in martial arts. Once, the Fire Qilin was ravaging the land, so Nip Ying decided to confront the monster and slay it. He managed to injure the Fire Qilin but accidentally swallowed some of its blood. As a result, he developed the "Berserk Blood" syndrome, which was then passed on to his descendants. He left his loved ones to prevent himself from harming them when he goes mad, and seeks help from his friend Ngou Yat, the master of Sword Worshipping Villa. After examining the problem together, Ngou Yat and Nip Ying realised that the way to curb Nip Ying's syndrome was to forge an 'icy' weapon to keep his 'fiery' temperament under control. Ngou Yat started forging the 'Ultimate Best Sword in the World' (絕世好劍) for Nip Ying, but did not live to see its completion because the process lasted numerous decades. Nip Ying ultimately went berserk and became a menace to the jianghu. When he regained his senses, he confined himself in Lingyun Cave and died there before a cure was found for him.
  • Dai-yee-mung (第二梦; 第二夢; Dì-èr-mèng; Dai6-ji6-mung6), literally Second Dream, is Second Saber Emperor's daughter and only child. She learnt saber techniques from her father in her childhood and later learnt sword movements from Sword Emperor. Her father's skills are aggressive and masculine in nature, while Sword Emperor's are 'soft' and more feminine, so the two types of neigong she acquired from these two different sets of skills clashed with each other and resulted in the forming of a red mark on her face. She meets Wind, falls in love with him and bears him a son, Yik-fung. She dies from poisoning.
  • Yik-fung (易风; 易風; Yìfēng; Jik6-fung1), nicknamed "Evil King" (邪王), is Wind and Second Dream's son. He wields the Evil King Blade (大邪王), a weapon of evil aura as told in jianghu legends. As a child, Yik-fung is cunning, highly intelligent and opportunistic. He has a much more complicated personality than his morally upright and heroic father. Although he exhibits chivalrous and virtuous traits, he also committed a fair share of evil deeds.

Bou family[edit]

  • Bou Ging-wan (步惊云; 步驚雲; Bù Jīngyún; Bou6 Ging1-wan4) or Cloud is one of the two protagonists. He was born in the Bou Family Village (步家村) in Hangzhou. His father died when he was young, so his mother remarried Fok Bou-tin and he became Fok's stepson and was renamed 'Fok Ging-gok' (霍驚覺). He reverted to his birth name after the Fok family was massacred by Lord Conqueror's men, who took him to Under Heaven Society. He specialises in palm styles of martial arts and wields the 'Ultimate Best Sword in the World' (絕世好劍), which he seized from Sword-Worshipping Villa. In contrast with Wind, Cloud appears cold and unsympathetic towards everyone except for a select few, whom he cares for and respects, but he does not know how to express his emotions. He appears brutal and ruthless for his practice of killing every single opponent in a group of foes. He is also nicknamed the "God of Death Who Does Not Cry" (不哭死神) because he evokes a feeling of death and strikes fear in the hearts of many.
  • Bou Yuen-ting (步渊亭; 步淵亭; Bù Yuāntíng; Bou6 Jyun1-ting4) is Cloud's father. He was a famous swordsmith and left home in search of cold iron to forge a sword. He died of illness when Cloud was four years old.
  • Yuk-nung (玉浓; 玉濃; Yù-nóng; Juk6-nung4) is Cloud's mother. When Cloud was born, he did not cry like any normal infant and did not make any sound. His father died when he was four, but Cloud did not feel sad because he had never seen his father before. Yuk-nung thought that her son was devoid of human emotions and beat him. She gradually started to hate her son for his emotionless behaviour and began to neglect and ignore him. As such, Cloud grew up to be a loner. A year after her husband died, Yuk-nung remarried Fok Bou-tin. She died when Cloud was eight years old.
  • Fok Bou-tin (霍步天; Huò Bùtiān; Fok3 Bou6-tin1) is Cloud's stepfather. Yuk-nung remarried Fok Bou-tin after Bou Yuen-ting's death, so Cloud became Fok's stepson. Fok renamed Cloud 'Fok Ging-gok' and treated him like his own son, even after Cloud's mother died. When Cloud was nine, Fok became seriously ill and Cloud remained by his side until he recovered. Fok taught Cloud his famous skill, the Fok Family Swordplay (霍家劍法), and Cloud felt happy for the first time in his life. However, Fok and his family were massacred by Lord Conqueror's men one year later. Cloud witnessed everything and was taken to Under Heaven Society, where he became Conqueror's apprentice. He bore a grudge against Conqueror and secretly plotted to avenge his stepfather.
  • Yu Chor-chor (于楚楚; Yú Chǔchǔ; Jyu1 Cho2-cho2) is Yu Ngok's daughter. She fell in love with Cloud and became emotionally connected with him. She was raped by Kim-san and became pregnant with Kim-san's child, but Cloud still loved her and married her and raised Kim-san's son as his own. They were separated for 12 years after Cloud got injured, lost his memory, and started a family with Violet. Both Chor-chor and her son Bou Wan were murdered by Duen Long.
  • Bou Wan (步云; 步雲; Bù Yún; Bou6 Wan4) is Kim-san and Yu Chor-chor's son, conceived as a consequence of Kim-san raping Chor-chor when Kim-san was under Po-kwan's influence. He was raised as Cloud's son even though his biological father is Kim-san. He is killed along with his mother by Duen Long.
  • Tze-ying (紫凝; Zǐníng; Zi2-jing4), or Violet, is the daughter of a fisherman. She chanced upon Cloud after he was injured in a fight, and saved him. Cloud temporarily lost his memory due to the fall and is grateful to her for saving his life. He marries her, has two children – Bou Tin and Bou Ting – with her and lives with them for some time until he regains his memory.
  • Bou Tin (步天; Bù Tiān; Bou6 Tin1) is Cloud's second son but first biological son, born to Cloud's second wife Violet. He is heavily influenced by his father and started practising martial arts. He is killed by Yik-fung, who has lost his senses.
  • Bou Ting (步婷; Bù Tíng; Bou6 Ting4) is Cloud and Violet's daughter.

Duen family[edit]

  • Duen Sui (断帅; 斷帥; Duàn Shuài; Dyun6 Seui3), nicknamed "Sword Chief of the South" (南麟劍首), is Duen Long's father. He wields the 'Fire Qilin Sword' (火麟劍) and shares equal fame as Nip Yan-wong for his prowess in martial arts. He engaged Nip Yan-wong in a duel outside Lingyun Cave but their fight was interrupted by the Fire Qilin. They were dragged into the cave by the monster and presumed dead. In fact, they survived and chanced upon the Dragon Pulse – the spiritual foundation of the Chinese empire – inside the cave and decided to dedicate their lives to defending the relic. They remained in the cave until Tin-wong and his men intruded to steal the Dragon Pulse, after which they reappeared in the jianghu to defend the relic. He lost half of his right arm to Nip Fung, who had entered a demonic trance. He is unable to stop his treacherous son Duen Long from terrorising the jianghu after the latter morphed into the Qilin Demon. He disappeared from the jianghu after Duen Long's death and is eventually killed by his wicked grandson Lam Mou.
  • Duen Long (断浪; 斷浪; Duàn Làng; Dyun3 Long4), whose name literally means Breaking Wave, is Duen Sui's son. He first met Wind when their fathers were duelling outside Lingyun Cave and they became friends. They were brought back to Under Heaven Society by Lord Conqueror, but encountered different fates. Wind became Conqueror's student while Duen Long was treated like a slave. He was forced by Conqueror to engage Cloud in a contest but lost, and was teased by his fellows. He killed one of them in anger and escaped from Under Heaven Society. He found his father's 'Fire Qilin Sword' later and was gradually influenced by the weapon's evil aura. Out of jealousy, he betrays Wind and Cloud numerous times and often resorts to Machiavellian means to achieve his goals. By chance, he consumes two fragments of the shattered Dragon Orb and his powers increase dramatically and he morphs into the Qilin Demon. He murders Wind and Cloud's loved ones to force them to fight him, but is eventually defeated and killed by Wind and Cloud.
  • Dou Wan-ling (杜芸苓; 杜蕓苓; Dù Yúnlíng; Dou6 Wan4-ling4) is Duen Long's lover and the mother of San-fung and Lam Mou.
  • San-fung (神锋; 神鋒; Shénfēng; San4-fung1) is Duen Long and Dou Wan-ling's son, and Lam Mou's twin brother. When San-fung and Lam Mou were born, their mother secretly exchanged San-fung for Wind's son. Imperial Shadow mistook San-fung for Wind's son and brought the boy back to Japan and raised him. At the age of 16, San-fung returns to China in search of Wind, whom he thought to be his father. Later, he encounters Lam Mou without knowing his true identity. Lam Mou sees that San-fung resembles him in appearance and makes use of him to achieve his aims. By chance, San-fung meets Yik-fung, Wind's real son, and rises to prominence in the jianghu with Yik-fung's help. Unlike his twin brother, San-fung values friendship and righteousness and earns the respect of many martial artists.
  • Lam Mou (蓝武; 藍武; Lán Wǔ; Laam4 Mou5) is San-fung's twin brother, who inherited their father's evil personality. He becomes the chief of the martial arts clan, Indestructible Lam Gate (不滅藍門). He also betrays San-fung on numerous occasions, and even killed Second Saber Emperor and Third Pig Emperor. He is captured by Heartless later and eventually died trying to save his brother.

Under Heaven Society[edit]

  • Hung-ba (雄霸; Xíongbà; Hung4-baa3), or Lord Conqueror, is the first major antagonist in the series. He is the chief of Under Heaven Society (天下會), the most powerful martial arts clan in the jianghu in his time. He learns from Nei-pou-sat that he will rise to prominence in the jianghu with the help of 'Wind and Cloud'. By chance, he meets two boys named Wind and Cloud and immediately accepts them as his students and teaches them martial arts. When Nei-pou-sat reveals the second half of the prophecy that Wind and Cloud are also destined to bring about his downfall, Conqueror plans to turn Wind and Cloud against each other in the hope that they will destroy each other. Man Chau-chau discovers Conqueror's plot and informs Frost, who, in turn, notifies Wind and Cloud. He is eventually defeated by Wind and Cloud. Just then, he is betrayed by his followers, the Twelve Killers of the Heavenly Pool, and becomes a fugitive in the jianghu. Nameless saves him, but on the condition that he must self-destruct his martial arts and powers so that he can never use them again to harm others. Conqueror agrees. After losing his powers, Conqueror becomes disillusioned and retreats from the jianghu to lead a secluded life with his daughter, Yau-yeuk. However, they are soon tracked down by Cloud, who is bent on seeking vengeance on Conqueror. Yau-yeuk sacrifices herself to appease Cloud. Conqueror loses his will to live after seeing his daughter die, and commits suicide by throwing himself onto the blade of Cloud's sword.
  • Yau-yeuk (幽若; Yōuruò; Jau1-joek6) is Conqueror's daughter. Her father is very protective of her and makes her stay in a secluded area far away from his followers. She is attracted to Wind and maintains a strong crush on him and often disguises herself as him. She dies when Kim-san pushes her towards the blade of Cloud's sword.
  • Chun Seung (秦霜; Qín Shuāng; Ceon4 Soeng1), or Frost, is Conqueror's eldest student and the senior of Wind and Cloud. He is not as accomplished as his juniors in terms of martial arts, but is very loyal towards his master, who highly trusts him. He is tactful, clam and kind. When he hears about Conqueror's plan to make Wind and Cloud destroy each other, he quickly informs his juniors and decides to help them. He is killed by Duen Long while defending the Dragon Pulse.
  • Hung Ci (孔慈; Kǒng Cí; Hung2 Ci4) is a servant girl in Under Heaven Society. She is used by Conqueror as a pawn in his scheme to make Wind and Cloud destroy each other. Conqueror knows that Cloud is in love with her, but still forces her to marry Frost in order to make Cloud angry. Cloud is unwilling to give up and has several intimate moments with Hung Ci behind Frost's back. When Wind discovers their affair, Cloud challenges him to a fight to the death. Hung Ci is killed by Cloud while using her body to shield Wind from Cloud's attack. Before her death, she confesses that the one she truly loved is Wind. Cloud is unable to accept the truth and flees with her dead body. He buries her in an imperial mausoleum later and places an item called the 'Icy Soul' in her mouth to prevent her body from decaying.
  • Man Chau-chau (文丑丑; Wén Chóuchǒu; Man4 Cau2-cau2) is Conqueror's obsequious personal attendant. By chance, he discovers his master's plan to make Wind and Cloud destroy each other. After he escapes from Under Heaven Society, Conqueror sends Frost to kill him. He tells Frost the truth, and Frost informs Wind and Cloud in turn. He is slain by the Twelve Killers of the Heavenly Pool.
  • Suet Ngam-tin (雪暗天; Xuě-àntiān; Syut3 Ngam3-tin1), literally Snow Darkened Sky, and nicknamed "Blood-Drinking Skeleton" (飲血骷髏), is from Under Heaven Society. He is defeated by Cloud and becomes Cloud's servant. He pretends to be loyal to Cloud but secretly plots to kill Cloud. He fails but Cloud spares his life. He repays Cloud's kindness by sacrificing himself to save Cloud when he is under attack by Po-kwan.
  • Sei-nou (死奴; Sǐnú; Sei2-nou4), literally Dead Slave, is from Under Heaven Society. He commits suicide when Wind captures him and holds him hostage.
  • Cau-nou (囚奴; Qíunú; Cau4-nou4), literally Prisoner Slave, is from Under Heaven Society. He is killed by the Fire Qilin.
  • Lang Bat-fong (冷不防; Léng Bùfáng; Laang5 Bat1-fong4) is from Under Heaven Society. He is killed by Cloud.
  • The Tin-chi Sap-yee Sat (天池十二煞; Tiānchí Shí-èr Shà; Tin1-ci4 Sap6-ji6 Saat3), literally Twelve Killers of the Heavenly Pool, are a group of fighters from Heavenly Pool (天池), an assassin organisation. Only the 12 of them survived when Heavenly Pool was destroyed by Sword Saint, and they all came to serve Conqueror. They betray Conqueror when he is seriously injured and take control of Under Heaven Society.
    • Tung-wong (童皇; Tónghuáng; Tung4-wong4), literally Child Emperor, is the leader of the 12. He practises a special skill that makes him look like a child despite his age. He seizes control of Under Heaven Society but is later subdued by Juet-mou-san after Conqueror's downfall. He joins Dai-sik-tin's clan, Heaven's Gate, later.
    • Hei-bou (戏宝; 戲寶; Xìbǎo; Hei3-bou2), literally Theatre Jewel, is a masked fighter. He fought with Yu Ngok in his younger days and was disfigured as a result. He is slain by Heartless.
    • Gau-wong (狗王; Gǒuwáng; Gau2-wong4), literally Dog King, is a dog lover who has the ability to communicate with dogs. He appears as an obese man but has a special skill that allows him to channel his inner energy through his voice to attack others. He is killed by Wind and Cloud, and before dying, he passes his powers to his dog.
    • Sau-mou (手舞; Shǒuwǔ; Sau2-mou5), literally Hands Dancing, is Legs Dancing's twin brother. The two of them are the youngest in the group, and they fight enemies together in a lion dance movement, with Hands Dancing using a claw-like attack.
    • Zuk-dou (足蹈; Zúdǎo; Zuk1-dou6), literally Legs Dancing, is Hands Dancing's twin brother. He complements his brother's claw-like attacks by using a series of kicks.
    • Fu-cheung (夫唱; Fūchàng; Fu1-coeng3), literally Husband Sings, is Wife Accompanies's husband. The couple are awakened by their conscience and decide to renounce their evil ways by sacrificing themselves to save Wind.
    • Fu-chui (妇随; 婦隨; Fùsuí; Fu5-ceoi4), literally Wife Accompanies, is Husband Sings's wife. The couple fight together in battle. They are awakened by their conscience and decide to renounce their evil ways by sacrificing themselves to save Wind.
    • Gwai-ying (鬼影; Guíyǐng; Gwai2-jing2), literally Ghost Shadow, is the oldest in the group. He uses a ninja-style skill that allows him to attack enemies in the dark. He is killed by Cloud.
    • Sik-wai-sin (食为仙; 食為仙; Shíwéixiān; Sik6-wai4-sin1), literally Food Immortal, is a food lover. He knows a special skill that can make his thin body become bigger in a fight and increase his powers. He is killed by Wind.
    • Tit-chau-sin (铁帚仙; 鐵帚仙; Tiězhǒuxiān; Tit3-zau2-sin1), literally Iron Broomstick Immortal, is a fighter who enjoys sweeping and uses an iron broomstick. He is killed by Wind and Cloud.
    • Tze-tam-fa (纸探花; 紙探花; Zhǐtànhuā; Zi2-taam3-faa1), literally Paper Scholar, is an odd-looking fighter whose body is slightly flatter than a normal person. He can channel his inner energy into paper and use them to attack people.
    • Mui-po (媒婆; Méipó; Mui4-po4), literally Matchmaking Woman, is a deadly female fighter who specialises in using venom. She can summon poisonous snakes by waving her fan. She is killed by the Fire Qilin.

Matchless City[edit]

  • Kim-sing (剑圣; 劍聖; Jiànshèng; Gim3-sing3), literally Sword Saint, and originally named Duk-gu Kim (独孤剑; 獨孤劍; Dúgū Jiàn; Duk6-gu1 Gim3), is a highly revered swordsman. He started learning swordplay at the age of five and rose to prominence when he was 13. He created the skill 'Saintly Soul Swordplay' (聖靈劍法) and used it to fight the assassin organisation Heavenly Pool. After a battle that lasted seven days and seven nights, all but 12 of the 108 assassins were slain by Sword Saint. Sword Saint shares equal fame as Nameless, as there is a saying that goes, "Nameless in the South, Sword Saint in the North" (南無名,北劍聖) to describe them. He lost to Nameless once and decided to retire from the jianghu, only to return when his younger brother Duk-gu Yat-fong was killed by Lord Conqueror's men. He goes to Under Heaven Society to confront Conqueror and his soul leaves his body to fight Conqueror when he performs the final movement in his 'Saintly Soul Swordplay'. Sword Saint dies when Cloud accidentally hits his body and causes his soul to be disintegrated. Cloud later finds the 'Saintly Soul Swordplay' manual and uses some of its movements against the Twelve Killers of the Heavenly Pool and scare them away. Sword Saint is succeeded by Long-yee, who becomes the second Sword Saint.
  • Duk-gu Yat-fong (独孤一方; 獨孤一方; Dúgū Yīfāng; Duk6-gu1 Jat1-fong1) is the master of Matchless City (無雙城). He forms an alliance with Lord Conqueror but breaks up later. Conqueror sends Wind to kill him but he has already died 20 years ago while watching Nameless duel with Po-kwan in Sword School. The 'Duk-gu Yat-fong' that Wind killed is actually an imposter.
  • Duk-gu Ming (独孤鸣; 獨孤鳴; Dúgū Míng; Duk6-gu1 Ming4) is Duk-gu Yat-fong's son and the young master of Matchless City. He is killed by Tin-wong's eldest son during the Japanese invasion.
  • Duk-gu Mung (独孤梦; 獨孤夢; Dúgū Mèng; Duk6-gu1 Mung6) is Duk-gu Yat-fong's daughter.
  • Sik Mou-chun (释武尊; 釋武尊; Shì Wǔzūn; Sik1-mou5-zyun1) is a guardian of Matchless City. He supports Duk-gu Ming in his efforts to destroy Under Heaven Society and rebuild Matchless City. He joins Wind and Cloud in the battle against Lord Conqueror. He sacrifices himself and transfers all his powers to Cloud before his death.

Sword School[edit]

  • Mou-ming (无名; 無名; Wúmíng; Mou4-ming4), literally Nameless, is a mentor and ally to Wind and Cloud. He is regarded as a jianghu legend for his supremacy in martial arts, especially swordsmanship. He attains the philosophical level of "Heavenly Sword" (天劍), the highest level of mastery any swordsman can achieve. Such is his sheer power that he can even perform swordplay without the physical existence of a sword, by using his fingers as swords or emitting energy from his body equivalent to the sharp blades of swords. He used to carry the "Hero Sword" (英雄劍) as his weapon but passes it to his apprentice Kim-san later.
  • Kim-san (剑晨; 劍晨; Jiànchén; Gim3-san4), whose name literally means Dawn of the Sword, is Nameless's first apprentice. He was named by his master, who wants him to shine like the morning sun and yet not be unbearable. He is innately kind-hearted and behaves like a true gentleman. Po-kwan exploits his weakness and manipulates him into turning towards evil. He is tricked into consuming drugs that makes him commit a series of atrocities, including poisoning his master and raping Yu Chor-chor. He inherits his master's weapon, the "Hero Sword" (英雄劍).
  • Po-kwan (破軍; Pòjūn; Po3-gwan1), whose name is based on one of the three stars of the Sha Po Lang and literally means Destroyer of Armies, is Nameless's former classmate. Both of them were mentored by Po-kwan's father. In contrast with Nameless, Po-kwan is spoilt, arrogant and rowdy. He swore adversity towards Nameless ever since the latter saved a woman from being sexually harassed by him. That woman became Nameless' wife later. Nameless and Po-kwan had a duel to decide who will inherit their school's most powerful skill, the "Origin of All Swords" (萬劍歸宗). Nameless was on the verge of winning when Po-kwan's father froze the entire school to prevent his son from losing. The contest ended without a victor; Po-kwan and Nameless left their frozen school. During the duel, Nameless inflicted Po-kwan with a red scar on his left forehead. Po-kwan fled to Japan and continued practising martial arts there. He acquires a pair of powerful weapons: the Heavenly Blade (天刃) and Greedy Wolf (貪狼; based on another star of the Sha Po Lang). He is the only character in the series to use a pair of weapons in combat.
  • Gwai-fu (鬼虎; Guíhǔ; Gwai2-fu2), literally Ghost Tiger, is Nameless's loyal servant.

Sword Worshipping Villa[edit]

  • Ngou Tin (傲天; Ào Tiān; Ngou6 Tin1) is the young master of Sword Worshipping Villa (拜劍山莊).

Iron Gate[edit]

  • Tit-gwai (铁鬼; 鐵鬼; Tiěguǐ; Tit3-gwai2), literally Iron Devil.
  • Tit-kwong-tou (铁狂屠; 鐵狂屠; Tiěkuángtú; Tit3-kwong4-tou4), literally Iron Wild Butcher.
  • Wai-hung (怀空; 懷空; Huáikōng; Waai4-hung1) is Wai-mit's younger brother. He is forced to join Heaven's Gate and do Dai-sik-tin's bidding.
  • Wai-mit (怀灭; 懷滅; Huáimiè; Waai6-mit6) is Wai-hung's elder brother. He serves Dai-sik-tin.

Heaven's Gate[edit]

  • Dai-sik-tin (帝释天; 帝釋天; Dìshìtīan; Dai3-sik1-tin1), whose name is the Chinese translation of the name of the Buddhist deva Śakra, is the primary antagonist in a later story arc. He is one of the most powerful villains that the two protagonists have ever faced. He is revealed to be actually the alter ego of the immortal Xu Fu. He is killed by Duen Long.
  • San-cheung (神将; 神將; Shénjiàng; San4-zoeng3), literally Divine General, is one of Dai-sik-tin's followers.
  • San-mou (神母; Shénmǔ; San4-mou5), literally Holy Maiden, is one of Dai-sik-tin's followers.

Mou family[edit]

  • Mou Mou-dik (武无敌; 武無敵; Wǔ Wúdí; Mou5 Mou4-dik6), or Invincible Mou, is a jianghu legend. He masters the "Ten Invincible Styles" (十強武道) and has even defeated Dai-sik-tin before. His location is unpredictable as he usually wanders around the jianghu as a carefree soul.
  • Mou Tin-ha (武天下; Wǔ Tiānxià; Mou5 Tin1-haa6) is Invincible Mou's nephew and the older cousin of Siu-mou. He has been deaf and mute for most of his life. Upon receiving the Destiny Sword from his dying father, he recovers from these disabilities.
  • Siu-mou (小武; Xiǎowǔ; Siu2-mou5)

First, Second and Third families[edit]

  • Dai-yat Tse-wong (第一邪皇; Dìyī Xiéhuáng; Dai6-jat1 Ce4-wong4), literally First Evil Emperor, is a fighter who ranks above Second Saber Emperor and Third Pig Emperor in martial arts prowess – therefore he is "First". He specialises in saber techniques and created the "Demonic Saber" (魔刀) skill. While practising the skill, he entered a demonic trance and committed evil deeds. After recovering, he amputated his arms to prevent himself from harming others again. He reluctantly teaches Wind the "Demonic Saber" skill to deal with Lord Godless.
  • Dai-yee Dou-wong (第二刀皇; Dìèr Dāohuáng; Dai6-ji6 Dou1-wong4), literally Second Saber Emperor, is a fighter who ranks after First Evil Emperor but before Third Pig Emperor in martial arts prowess – therefore he is "Second". He is Second Dream's father.
  • Dai-sam Zyu-wong (第三猪皇; 第三豬皇; Dìsān Zhūhuáng; Dai6-saam1 Zyu1-wong4), literally Third Pig Emperor, is a fighter who ranks after First Evil Emperor and Second Saber Emperor in martial arts prowess – therefore he is "Third". He befriends Wind and Cloud and leads them to First Evil Emperor.

Tin-wong and associates[edit]

  • Tin-wong (天皇; Tiānhuáng; Tin1-wong4), literally Heavenly Emperor (a reference to the Emperor of Japan), is a Japanese warlord who plots to steal the Dragon Pulse and use it to dominate China. He is forced to commit suicide after being defeated by Cloud and Nameless.
  • Wong-ying (皇影; Huángyǐng; Wong4-jing2), literally Imperial Shadow, is a renowned martial artist from Japan. He allies with Wind and Cloud in their fight against Dai-sik-tin. He mistakenly believes that San-fung is Wind's son, saves the boy, brings him back to Japan, and serves a fatherly-mentor figure to him.

Juet-mou-san and associates[edit]

  • Juet-mou-san, (绝无神; 絕無神; Juéwúshén; Zyut6-mou4-san4), translated as Lord Godless, is the most powerful fighter in Japan. He sets foot on Chinese soil and attempts to dominate the jianghu and the whole of China. Wind and Cloud are unable to defeat him initially for his formidable prowess in martial arts. Wind resorts to mastering the "Demonic Saber" skill to deal with him and enters a demonic trance in the process as well. He is betrayed by his son, Juet-sum, who kills him and takes over his place.
  • Juet-sum (绝心; 絕心; Juéxīn; Zyut3-sam1), literally Heartless, is the ruthless son of Lord Godless. He betrays and kills his father for power after being instigated by Heavenly Emperor. He keeps a low profile and constantly seeks opportunities to make his name in the jianghu. He becomes a powerful foe to Wind and Cloud several years later, after finding and consuming one of the seven Dragon Pills, as well as mastering some advanced skills.
  • Juet-tin (绝天; 絕天; Juétiān; Zyut6-tin1), literally Skyless.


  • Mou Ying-hung (慕應雄; Mù Yīngxíong; Mou6 Jing1-hung4) is Nameless's foster brother. He is less well-known than Nameless even though both of them are equally powerful in martial arts.
  • Nei-pou-sat (泥菩萨; 泥菩薩; Nípúsà; Nei6-pou4-saat3), literally Mud Bodhisattva, is a reclusive Buddhist prophet. He reveals the first half of his prophecy to Lord Conqueror about his rise to power. When he reveals the second half, Conqueror becomes worried and kills him and his granddaughter to silence them. His name comes from a Chinese saying that goes, 'a Bodhisattva made of mud who crosses the river cannot even save him/herself' (泥菩薩過江,自身難保), to reflect his helplessness.
  • Yu Ngok (于岳; 于嶽; Yú Yuè; Jyu4 Ngok6) is Yu Chor-chor's father. In his younger days, he encountered the Fire Qilin and fought with the monster. The monster's blood spilled onto his arm and infused its power into his arm: Yu Ngok's arm became known as the Qilin Arm, which gave him supernatural strength. When he meets Cloud, who has lost an arm while fighting with Lord Conqueror, he amputates his Qilin Arm and gives it to Cloud. He entrusts his daughter to Cloud's care before leaving to settle an old debt.
  • Siu-sam-siu (笑三笑; Xiàosānxiào; Siu3-saam1-siu3), literally Laugh Three Laughs, is a mysterious martial artist who saves Wind and Cloud after they are frozen by Dai-sik-tin.
  • Sing-wong (圣王; 聖王; Shèngwáng; Sing3-wong4), literally Saint King, is a powerful fighter well-versed in various arts – music, chess, literature and Confucian ideologies – apart from martial arts. He sets out to break a family curse that causes each heir of his line to die at the age of 45 if he refuses to live a secluded life.
  • Fok Tung (霍动; 霍動; Huò Dòng; Fok3 Dung6) is Wind and Cloud's student.
  • Kim-mo (剑魔; 劍魔; Jiànmó; Gim3-mo1), literally Sword Demon.
  • Bou-san (捕神; Bǔshén; Bou6-san4), literally Constable God.
  • Kim-pan (剑贫; 劍貧; Jiànpín; Gim3-pan4), literally Sword Pauper.
  • Kim-yuk (剑狱; 劍獄; Jiànyù; Gim3-juk6), literally Sword Prison.
  • Mou-yee (无二; 無二; Wú-èr; Mou4-ji6), literally Secondless.