Wong Yuk-long

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Wong Yuk-long
Wong Yuk Long 201007.JPG
Wong at the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong in 2010
Born Wong Jan-lung
1950 (age 66–67)
Hong Kong
Nationality Chinese (Hong Kong)
Area(s) Writer, Artist, Publisher
Pseudonym(s) Tony Wong
Notable works
Oriental Heroes
Weapons of the Gods
Wong Yuk-long
Traditional Chinese 黃玉郎
Simplified Chinese 黄玉郎
Wong Jan-lung
Traditional Chinese 黃振隆
Simplified Chinese 黄振隆

Wong Jan-lung (born 1950), better known by his pseudonym Wong Yuk-long or Tony Wong, is a Hong Kong manhua artist, publisher and actor, who wrote and created Little Rascals (later re-titled Oriental Heroes) and Weapons of the Gods. He also wrote adaptations of Louis Cha's novels, such as The Return of the Condor Heroes (retitled as Legendary Couples), Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, and Ode to Gallantry. For his contribution and influencing a generation of artists in the local industry, he is regarded as the "Godfather of Hong Kong comics" or "Hong Kong's King of Comics".[1]

He provided the art for Batman: Hong Kong, which was written by Doug Moench.[2] He has also acted in some films occasionally, including making a cameo appearance in Dragon Tiger Gate (a film adapted from Oriental Heroes).

Selected works[edit]

  • Oriental Heroes (龍虎門; "Dragon-Tiger-Gate"), originally titled Little Rascals (小流氓).
  • Weapons of the Gods (神兵玄奇; "Mysterious Weapons of the Gods") or Senjata Misteri.
  • Mega Dragon and Tiger (龍虎5世; "Dragon and Tiger V")
  • Legend of Emperors (天子傳奇; "Emperor Legend"), featuring fictionalised stories of various Chinese kings and emperors.
  • Legendary Couples (神鵰俠侶; "Companion of the Condor Hero"), based on Louis Cha's novel The Return of the Condor Heroes.
  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部), based on Louis Cha's novel of the same title.
  • Buddha's Palm (如來神掌)
  • Drunken Master (醉拳; "Drunken Fist")
  • Jackie Chan's Fantasia (奇幻龙宝) this fantasy comic book mixing by roman soldier Hindu soldier, pharaoh's soldier, and a song dynasty soldier.


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