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Wonka Vision Magazine
Editor-in-ChiefJustin Luczejko
Managing EditorJason Schreurs
Senior EditorsBill Gordon
Ellen Thompson
Julia Kaganskiy
Lansie Sylvia
Jason Garder
Music EditorsKatie Ellsweig
Jeff Meyers
Art DirectorsBruno Guerreiro
Chris Holub
Jon Loudon
Rachel Wescott
Staff writers
Jocelyn Aucoin
Matt Conner
Kevin Diers
Jason Garder
Emma Hernandez
Jeff Ott
Photo Editor: Murriel Perez
Joelle Andres
Dustin Festenmacher
Gene Smirnov
Beowulf Sheehan
Kelly Turso
Jon Weiner
Nick Wilson
Colin Frangicetto
Joseph Game
Julie Laquer
Rachel Wescott
PublisherJustin Luczejko
FounderJustin Luczejko
Year founded1997 (1997)
Final issue2010
CountryUnited States
Based inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
OCLC number61680028

Wonka Vision Magazine was an American music magazine. It was founded in 1997 by Lane Chiasson and ceased publication in 2010.


While Luczejko was in high school he started Wonka Vision Magazine with two friends;[2] a 20-page zine that they copied at an OfficeMax.[1] The name comes from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.[2]

In 2001 Wonka Vision also became a record label.[2]


In a 2008 interview appearing in South Philly Review, Luczejko on Wonka Vision Magazine says "we do art, politics, anything that's sort of underground, on that edge.. ..it's not just rock, we do hip-hop-always have-I grew up listening to rap, indie rock, hardcore, we've done what we love."[3] The magazine featured interviews, album reviews, and pop culture articles.[2]


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