Wonthaggi Wind Farm

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Wonthaggi Wind Farm
Wonthaggi wind farm
Coordinates38°36′11″S 145°32′26″E / 38.60306°S 145.54056°E / -38.60306; 145.54056Coordinates: 38°36′11″S 145°32′26″E / 38.60306°S 145.54056°E / -38.60306; 145.54056
Commission dateDecember 2005
Owner(s)eDL Energy
Wind farm
Hub height8
Rotor diameter82m
Rated wind speed25m/s [1]
Power generation
Units operational6
Make and modelREpower: MM82
Nameplate capacity12 MW

Wonthaggi wind farm is a wind power station at Wonthaggi in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. It has 6 wind turbines, with a total generating capacity of 12 MW of electricity.

Technical Details[edit]

Each of the turbines is a German made REpower MM82 turbines, each sitting on an Australian made 66m tall tower.[2] The farm is operated by eDL Energy Australia, and became operational in December 2005.

Blade Snapping Incident[edit]

In March 2012 one of the rotor blades snapped,[3] Senvion (formerly REpower), the manufacturers of the turbine, replaced the blades and blamed the issue on a manufacturing fault. [4]

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