Wood Guerilla Basses & Guitars

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Wood Guerilla Combat Basses & Guitars
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 2004
Founder Dalibor Vučić
Vladislav Filipović
Headquarters Belgrade, Serbia
Area served
Europe and United States
Products bass guitars, electric guitars
Owner Dalibor Vučić
Website Wood Guerilla Custom Basses & Guitars

Wood Guerilla is a Serbian manufacturer of custom made handcrafted basses and guitars. The company was founded in 2004, after Dalibor Vučić completed his first bass. All of Wood Guerilla's instruments are designed and crafted by Dalibor Vučić[1]


The name of the company was given by the two founders, Dalibor Vučić and Vladislav Filipović, as they used to pick up wood that was of sufficient quality from wherever they could find, including cutting pieces off of cut down trees in the city of Belgrade.[2]


Wood Guerilla basses and guitars specializes in building single-cut design basses (the first Wood Guerilla model, ABAZ, was a single-cut 6 string) and extended range guitars (7 and 8 strings). There is also the option of having custom-designed body styles and features.


  • ABAZ
  • Bunta
  • Daemon
  • Root
  • Tulip


  • Bunta
  • Dissorder

Signature models[edit]

  • Lionfish (Alek Darson)
  • Puffy (Alek Darson)
  • Hydra (David Maxim Micic)

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