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Main building.

Woodbrooke Study Centre is a Quaker college in Selly Oak, Birmingham, England.

The only Quaker Study Centre in Europe,[1] it was founded by George Cadbury in 1903 and occupies his former home on the Bristol Road. Woodbrooke's first Director of Studies was the biblical scholar J. Rendel Harris.[2] Other early staff included Horace Gundry Alexander.[3]

The college was extended between 1907 and 1914 by the addition of a new wing, a new common room and Holland House, a men's hostel. By 1922 it was estimated that 1,250 British students and 400 foreign students had attended the college.[4]

It was federated with eight other nearby colleges, known collectively as Selly Oak Colleges.

It provides short courses on personal spiritual growth, theology, creative arts, and training for Quaker roles. It is also available for conferences.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Alice Paul, American suffragist, feminist, and women's rights activist
  • Margaret Thorp, Australian feminist and peace activist


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