Wooden tserkvas of Carpathian region in Poland and Ukraine

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UNESCO World Heritage Site
Wooden Tserkvas of Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine
Name as inscribed on the World Heritage List
Kwiatoń, Lemko Greek Catholic church
Type Cultural
Criteria iii, iv
Reference 1424
UNESCO region Europe and North America
Inscription history
Inscription 2013 (137th Session)

Wooden Tserkvas of Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine are a group of wooden Orthodox (and some Eastern Catholic) churches located in Poland and Ukraine which were inscribed in 2013 on the UNESCO World Heritage List which explains:

built of horizontal wooden logs between the 16th and 19th centuries by communities of Orthodox and Greek Catholic faiths. The tserkvas bear testimony to a distinct building tradition rooted in Orthodox ecclesiastic design interwoven with elements of local tradition, and symbolic references to their communities’ cosmogony. — World Heritage Centre [1]

Inscribed Tserkvas[edit]

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