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Woodford Island is an inland island in the Far-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is formed by the Clarence River where it splits into the South Arm and North Arm at the small village of Brushgrove then reforms at the town of Maclean. The island covers 37 km2.


There are three ways on and off the island, two bridges, one at the southern end in Brushgrove and the other at the northern end that gives access to Maclean.

There is a ferry that connects Lawrence to the western side of the island.


Woodford Island is mostly flood plain which supports the primary industries of sugar cane and milk producing cattle. A small fishing fleet ply the Clarence River. There are a few small businesses, however, most residents travel off the island to Maclean or Grafton for goods and services.

People and geography[edit]

There is approximately 900 people living on the island. Through its almost exact centre is a mountain ridge. The rest is plains which is subjected to periodic flooding. The largest town is Brushgrove at the south of the island.


Woodford Island was one of the first places inhabited by Europeans on the Far-North Coast. Original settler John Small was attracted to the abundance of Australian Redcedar. The town of Brushgrove was once a major trading hub for timber, sugar and other agriculture goods due to its location on the Clarence River. This brought tremendous wealth to area and at one time the island supported many schools, a police station, many businesses and other utilities. However, due to the development of road and train infrastructure, the town has dwindled in size over the past century.

Points of interests[edit]

Tourist drive 22 travels across the island starting at the Lawrence Car Ferry and ending at the McFarlane Bridge that enters Maclean. .[1] The bridge was named after John McFarlane local member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.[2]

MacLean District Golf Course is on the island.

Hermitt Cave, Small's Pioneer Cemetery, Old School, Abandoned Quarry.

Interesting alleged fact[edit]

It is claimed Woodford Island is the largest inland island in the Southern Hemisphere with its own mountain range.[by whom?]. It is however smaller than many river islands in South America and Africa. It is in fact the largest Non-Delta (not formed from river sedimentation) river island in the Southern Hemisphere.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 29°31′S 153°08′E / 29.517°S 153.133°E / -29.517; 153.133