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Kangaroo with Joey at Woodgate Queensland.jpg
Tame kangaroos freely roam around through the quiet back-streets of Woodgate
Woodgate is located in Queensland
Coordinates25°05′00″S 152°31′00″E / 25.0833°S 152.5166°E / -25.0833; 152.5166 (Woodgate (centre of locality))
Population1,165 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density6.158/km2 (15.948/sq mi)
Area189.2 km2 (73.1 sq mi)
Time zoneAEST (UTC+10:00)
LGA(s)Bundaberg Region
State electorate(s)Burnett
Federal division(s)Hinkler
Localities around Woodgate:
Kinkuna Kinkuna Coral Sea
Goodwood Woodgate Coral Sea
Buxton Buxton Burrum Heads

Woodgate is a coastal locality in the Bundaberg Region, Queensland, Australia.[2] In the 2016 census Woodgate had a population of 1,165 people.[1]

There are two towns within the locality, Woodgate Beach (25°06′10″S 152°33′38″E / 25.10278°S 152.56056°E / -25.10278; 152.56056 (Woodgate Beach)) on the eastern coast of the locality (the Coral Sea) and Walkers Point (25°10′12″S 152°35′29″E / 25.17000°S 152.59139°E / -25.17000; 152.59139 (Walkers Point)) on the southern coast of locality (in the estuary of the Burrum River).[3][4][5]


The majority of the coastline of Woodgate consists of sandy beach, making it a popular holiday destination for people who live in nearby areas of Queensland. This small seaside town called Woodgate Beach with 16 km of white sandy beach with crystal clear peaceful, safe, sub tropical water is surrounded by a 20,000 hectare National Park with superb scenery, and provides a diverse range of holiday activities.[6]

On the inland side of Woodgate lies Burrum Coast National Park. The beach itself is quite calm, being protected by Fraser Island.


The Kabi group Dundaburra are traditionally connected to the area.[citation needed]

Woodgate State School opened on 1921 and closed in 1922.[7]

The Woodgate Beach public library opened in 1993 with a minor refurbishment in 2009.[8]

At the 2011 census Woodgate had a population of 941,[9] up from 758 recorded at the 2006 census.[10]

In the 2016 census Woodgate had a population of 1,165 people.[1]


There are no schools in Woodgate. The nearest government primary school is Goodwood State School in neighbouring Goodwood to the west. The nearest government secondary school is Isis District State High School in Childers to the south-west.[5]


The Bundaberg Regional Council operates a public library in the Community Centre at 1 Kangaroo Court.[11]

There is a boat ramp on the north bank of the inlet of Hervey Bay (25°10′16″S 152°35′20″E / 25.1712°S 152.5888°E / -25.1712; 152.5888 (Woodgate, Walkers Point boat ramp)) where the confluence of the Gregory River and Burrum River reaches the sea . It is managed by the Bundaberg Regional Council.[12]


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