Woodill Wildfire

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Woodill Wildfire
Woodill Wildfire (1955) 1X7A7941.jpg
ManufacturerWoodill Motors
Production300 produced
DesignerBill Tritt
Body and chassis
ClassSports Car
Body style2-door 2-seater
EngineWillys 120 mph (193 km/h) top speed

The Woodill Wildfire was an American sports car built by Dodge and Willys dealer Blanchard Robert "Woody" Woodill from 1952 to 1958 in Downey, California. The Wildfire used a Glasspar fiberglass body and is credited with being the first complete fiberglass car available with approximately 15 produced and another 285 sold as kits.[1] A child's version of the vehicle called the Brushfire was also available.[2]

In September 2012 a Woodill Wildfire was featured on the Discovery Channel TV show Fast N' Loud. According to the show, theirs was one of only nine factory-built Wildfires still known to exist.[3] The show's host sold the car to a collector for $100,500. Payment for the car consisted of ten $10,000 stacks of $100 bills and a 1934 $500 bill, the latter of which in itself is worth more than its face value.

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