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Woodridge Schools Logo.jpg
Thornhill, Eastern Cape
South Africa
Type Private, boarding, day school
Motto Fideliter
Established 1936
Headmaster Simon Crane
Exam board IEB
Grades 8-12
Number of students > 690 pupils
School color(s) Brown and gold
Fees > R 140 000.00 p.a

Woodridge College is a private, co-educational school in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Woodridge is situated near the small town of Thornhill, halfway between Jeffrey's Bay and Port Elizabeth. The school is attended by both boarders and day-scholars. It has produced athletes and business leaders both nationally and internationally, including golfer James Kamte,[1] champion canoeist Martin Dreyer[2] and cricketers Mark Rushmere, Colin Ingram and Riki Wessels.


The motto of the school is Fideliter, as can be seen on the school emblem, meaning "Faithfully".[3]


It is situated on the edge of the gorge that has been created by Van Stadens River, next to the Van Stadens Bridge.


The school was started by the Carter family[4] in 1936, all of whose descendants have attended the school.[citation needed] Originally the school was only a preparatory school, and the college was started during the 1960s.[5]


The school offers the standard schooling under the guidelines of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, and pupils taking their National Senior Certifiate write the IEB examainations.


Woodridge is involved in the sports of rugby, cricket, hockey, star gazing, netball, squash, tennis, bird watching, athletics, water polo and swimming.[6]Surf lifesaving is also offered.[7]

Other sports offered are rock climbing, canoeing, and hiking.[8] Outdoor education is offered, which is similar to Outward Bound, although it got its roots more from the Veld en Vlei society in nearby Sedgefield which many Old Woodridgeans used to attend, which was later bought out by the Outward Bound association. The Outward Bound was modelled on the Scottish school Gordonstoun, as was the rating system.[9]

Inter house competitions are held for all sports offered by the school. The Outdoor Education house trophy is considered the most revered of house trophies.


The Headmaster of the school is Simon Crane, who was previously the Deputy Headmaster.[10]

Previous headmasters include:

  • 2014-present: Simon Crane
  • 2005-2014: Craig Neave
  • 2002-2004: Ken Ball
  • 1997-2001: Guy Norman Pearson

Simon Crane joined as deputy headmaster in 2013. He is British born, an ex Bishops pupil and has served roles both in the UK (Milton Abbey School) and KwaZulu Natal (Carter High School (South Africa)) and Michaelhouse) .[11]

School houses[edit]

The school has three houses, which pupils are divided into to compete on an intra-school level:

  • Carter house
  • Kohler house
  • Founders house

Founders house was closed for many years (approximately 1985-2005) when the numbers of pupils is the school did not warrant three houses).


  • Carter (girls)
  • Founders (girls)
  • Kohler (boys)
  • Starke (boys)

Religious teachings[edit]

Woodridge is considered a Christian school, and is a parish of the Anglican church.


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