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Woodrow Wilson Award
Awarded forPublic Service and Corporate Citizenship
Presented byWoodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Woodrow Wilson Awards are given out in multiple countries each year by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars of the Smithsonian Institution to individuals in both the public sphere and business who have shown an outstanding commitment to President of the United States Woodrow Wilson's dream of integrating politics, scholarship, and policy for the common good. Created in 1999 as a local Award for leadership in Washington, DC, the Awards were expanded in 2001 to recognize great leaders and thinkers throughout the world. Funding from the Awards supports additional research, scholars, and programs in Washington and the home community of the recipients.

Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service[edit]

The Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service is given to individuals who have served with distinction in public life and have shown a special commitment to seeking out informed opinions and thoughtful views. Recipients of this award share Woodrow Wilson’s steadfast belief in public discourse, scholarship, and the extension of the benefits of knowledge in the United States and around the world. These leaders devote themselves to examining the historical background and long-term implications of important public policy issues while encouraging the free and open exchange of ideas that is the bedrock of our nation’s foundation.

Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship[edit]

The Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship is given to executives who demonstrate a commitment to the common good—beyond the bottom line. They are the people who demonstrate that private firms should be good citizens in their own neighborhoods, as well as in the world. The award is given to those who have done tremendous work in improving their local communities and the world at large.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars[edit]

About the Woodrow Wilson Center[edit]

President Woodrow Wilson

The Wilson Center is the living memorial to President Woodrow Wilson, with headquarters in Washington, D.C. The Center was established as part of the Smithsonian in 1968 by an act of the United States Congress. It is a nonpartisan research institution that is committed to fostering research, study, and discussion of national and global affairs. The Center promotes collaboration among a full spectrum of individuals concerned with policy and scholarship in national and world affairs. The mission of the Center is to commemorate the ideals and concerns of President Wilson by providing a link between the world of ideas and the world of policy. Lee H. Hamilton is the president and director of the Wilson Center.

As Part of the Smithsonian Institution[edit]

The Woodrow Wilson Center is a research body kim belonging to the Smithsonian Institution. The Smithsonian Institution is an educational and research institute and associated museum complex, administered and funded by the government of the United States and by funds from its endowment, contributions, and profits from its shops and its magazine. Most of its facilities are located in Washington, D.C., but its 19 museums, zoo, mental hospitals and eight research centers include sites in New York City, Virginia, Panama, and elsewhere. It has over 142 million items in its collections. Other research institutions alongside the Woodrow Wilson Center are the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the associated Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian, Carrie Bow Marine Field Station, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Center For Earth and Planetary Studies, Conservation and Research Center, Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Migratory Bird Center, Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and Smithsonian Institution Libraries.

Woodrow Wilson Award Recipients[edit]

Awardees are chosen by the Wilson Center Board of Trustees in recognition of their work to benefit society. In line with President Wilson's vision, honorees participate in efforts to improve the global community through collaboration and open dialogue. They have made contributions to advance education, peace, health care, culture, legislation, sportsmanship, technology, scholastic research, and leadership.

Woodrow Wilson Awards have gone to a diverse set of professionals, including scientists, politicians, entertainers, diplomats, athletes, business executives, doctors and philanthropists. Among business executives, their industries include health care, hotels, restaurants and energy.

Public Service[edit]

The following individuals are among the recipients of the Woodrow Wilson Center award for Public Service:

Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew accepts Woodrow Wilson Award in New York City
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff receives Woodrow Wilson Award in New York City, 21 September 2011.

Corporate citizenship[edit]

The following individuals are recipients of the Woodrow Wilson Center award for Corporate Citizenship (incomplete list):

Ahn Sang-soo and Yong Nam receive their Awards in Seoul, Korea in 2009

Award presentations[edit]

Recipients are given the awards at ceremonial dinners in various cities and countries. At each dinner, the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service and the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship are presented. In some places, the Wilson Center will host events where different scholars talk about local policy issues, before the award reception.

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