Woods Cree

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Woods Cree
Native to Canada
Region Manitoba, Saskatchewan
Ethnicity 53,000 Woodland Cree (1982)[1]
Native speakers
unknown (35,000 cited 1982)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 cwd
Glottolog wood1236[2]
Linguasphere 62-ADA-ab

Woods Cree is a variety of the Algonquian language, Cree, spoken in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada.[1]

It only has 14 letters in the alphabet. There are marked and unmarked letters. Marked are known as long sounds, unmarked are known as short sounds.

There are many suffix endings, each have a different given meaning.

Cree is mostly built on verbs.

There are only 3 personal pronouns in Woods Cree, each corresponding to 3 or 4 pronouns or inflected forms of pronouns in English. The pronoun nȇya means I-My-Mine, the pronoun kȇya means You-Your-Yours, and the pronoun wȇya means He-She-His-Hers.


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