Woodside (London) railway station

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Woodside tramstop old station building.JPG
Location London Borough of Croydon
Owner Mid-Kent Railway
Number of platforms 3 until 1917, 2 until 1996, then 1 in use
Key dates
1871 (1871) Opened
1997 (1997) Closed
Replaced by Woodside tram stop
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A 1908 Railway Clearing House map of part the Woodside and South Croydon Railway, showing the surrounding lines.

Woodside railway station was opened by July 1871 by the Mid-Kent Railway, to serve the nearby race course: a ramp facilitated the loading of racehorses. After the course closed in 1890, use of the station decreased. The down bay platform fell into disuse in 1917 following closure of the line to Selsdon, reopened upon electrification in 1935 with through services to London. By the early 1960s patronage was in decline. The small goods yard closed in 1963. The line to Selsdon closed in 1983 and the signal box at the south end of the down platform closed in 1984. Through services to London were withdrawn and train services were reduced to a shuttle service between Addiscombe and Elmers End. The station building at street level over the platforms was destaffed in 1993 and was boarded up. In 1996 Addiscombe signal box was burnt down and single-line working was introduced with all trains using the down line and the up platform falling into disuse . Closure came the following year (1997) in preparation for the construction of Croydon Tramlink.

Tramlink now uses the line between Elmers End and Coombe Road. Most of the platforms were demolished and new tram platforms constructed. Part of the Up platform was left to provide access to the tram platforms, using the stairs to the street-level building, which is boarded up and abandoned. Following closure of the Addiscombe branch the trackbed has become Addiscombe Railway Park.

The dismantled wooden platform was donated to the Swanage Heritage Railway and reassembled in April 2009 at Herston Halt.[1]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Elmers End   Network SouthEast
Addiscombe Line
  Southern Region
Woodside and South Croydon Railway
  Bingham Road Halt


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Coordinates: 51°23′15″N 0°03′53″W / 51.3874°N 0.0647°W / 51.3874; -0.0647