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This article is about the concert at Madison Square Garden. For the concert on Long Island, see Woodstock Reunion 1979.

Woodstock '79 was a rock concert that took place at Madison Square Garden, New York City in 1979, the year of the 10th anniversary of the original Woodstock Festival.

Some of the musicians of the original festival of 1969[citation needed] met to celebrate the spirit of freedom of the Woodstock Festival.[according to whom?] There were jam sessions with Richie Havens, Taj Mahal, Country Joe and the Fish, Canned Heat, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and Elliott Randall. Also appearing were Rick Danko, Johnny Winter, Stephen Stills, and Paul Butterfield, among others.[citation needed]

In 1991 an 80-minute video with the title The Celebration Continues — Woodstock '79 was released.


  1. "Woodstock Boogie"
  2. "New York Boogie"
  3. "Here Comes the Sun"
  4. "On the Road Again"
  5. "Stand"
  6. "Solid Gone"
  7. "Paint My Mailbox Blue"
  8. "George Ben"
  9. "Save the Whales"
  10. "Stage Fright" - Rick Danko and Paul Butterfield
  11. "Crazy Mama"
  12. "Sail on Sailor"
  13. "Lose Control"
  14. "Freight Train"
  15. "Nobody Left to Crown"
  16. "Chicken Shack"
  17. "Roots"
  18. "Freedom"

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