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Woodstock Public School is a private school located in the city of Batala, Punjab, India. The school was opened in 2001 by Dr. Nijjar and Dr. S.K Nijjar, well-known doctors and philanthropists of the city of Batala. Woodstock Public School is one of the newest and most technologically enhanced schools of Batala. The official motto of the school is "Strive To Achieve". Woodstock Public School is affiliated with the CBSE (Central Board of Education) and obtained a CBSE license in around 2008-2009.

General Information[edit]

The school currently has an enrollment of about 800 students and a student-teacher ratio of about 30:1. The very first graduating batch graduated with honours as the 'Batch Of 2010' from the 10th grade, consisting of 6 students respectively. The motto of the Batch of 2010 was "Chase Excellence, Success Will Follow".


The school has a four story building. It consists of a library stocked with about 4000 books, a computer lab with about 12 Windows XP computers, an Art & Craft room, a Judo room, a music room, a Mathematics lab, a Science lab, an S.S.T. lab,and a multimedia room equipped with a projector, and a swimming pool. The main structure includes more than about 40 classrooms. For sports, the school has a two-half-court basketball court, a football/soccer ground, a badminton/volleyball court, "Kho Kho" poles, a swimming pool, and a Judo room.

The school also houses a hostel which is located in Wood Blossoms Public School (the Kindergarten and Pre-School counterpart of Woodstock Public School).


The school has separate staff for separate divisions (athletics, academics etc.). As of 2010-2011, the following notable staff were present:

  • Mrs. Vishav Jyoti, Principal
  • Ms Sapna Dhawan - English Teacher
  • Mr. Dinesh Sharma - Judo and Wado-Ryu Karate Instructor and Athletic Department head, Dinesh Sir is an internationally and nationally renowned sportsman. He received his credations of Wado Ryu Karate from Jack Hogan, of Hogan Karate International.
  • Mr. Barinder Singh, Mathematics
  • Mr.Praveen Kumar,Mathematics
  • Mrs. Ravinder Kaur, Punjabi
  • Mr. Sandeep, Physical Education
  • Mrs. Nirmal Kaur,Science


  • The school Judo team is a championship-winning team. The team "brings laurels" to the school each time it goes to a Judo tournament. The Judo Center at Woodstock Public School is the only certified center in the Gurdaspur district. Award winning judo players include former student Gagandeep Singh, Malkit Singh, Vinayak Chanda, Sulakshna Chanda, etc.
  • The school swim team is equally commendable. Famous and known swimmers in the team include former students and swimmers Pal Satyajit Singh and Harnoor Singh. The team is coached by "Fouji Sir" and Dinesh Sir respectively.
  • The school chess team is one of the only chess teams in the secondary schools of Batala. Former students and players include Jaskaran Singh and Pal Satyajit Singh.

School Anthem[edit]

Woodstock, O! Woodstock, We sing our proud refrain. Woodstock, O! Woodstock, Till thy echoes ring again! For all of us are true, And our hearts are strong. Merrily we sing, As we march along. As we march along. Woodstock, O! Woodstock, We sing our proud refrain. Woodstock, O! Woodstock, Till thy echoes ring again! Home away from home, I will never forget. Wherever I will roam, The values you have taught. The values you have taught. Woodstock, O! Woodstock, We sing our proud refrain. Woodstock, O! Woodstock, Till thy echoes ring again! Till thy echoes ring again... Till thy echoes ring again...


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